Lynx Grill or Other Outdoor Grill Recs

jmcgowanJune 2, 2013

We are about to purchase a new outdoor grill. We've looked at Wolf, Lynx and Weber and are leaning toward Lynx. The features on the Lynx seem better, and it's not as expensive as the Wolf. We want a grill that:

1) can be hooked up to a natural gas line
2) is either 36-42"
3) has space to feed 5-10 people (meat, fish, etc.) with room for a cast iron skillet OR 15-20 people (no skillet) -- using an average 3x/week 10 months per year

Can anyone comment on their Lynx grill -- pros/cons? Do you have a Wolf grill -- pros/cons? Do you use the "sear" feature on your grill -- and is it worth it, or would you rather have the ceramic briquettes everywhere?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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What do you want to achieve? The Kalamazoo is the best. Darned expensive. It can do high-BTU gas, and/or wood logs.

My BIL in Cali bought an oil barrel contraption, with a raisable grate, burning oak logs, for a few hundred dollars. I didn't fully test it. We caught some salmon, sliced into steaks, oak-wood grilled 4-6 hours after catching them.

Were they delish? Waay out of control tasty.

Some of you need to catch your own fish, and cook them on the same day they were caught. Or buy them at the dock.


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I am a lifelong Weber charcoal kettle user and fan. However, since we also grill at least a couple times a week year round, last fall I decided to buy a gas grill for the sake of the convenience of just turning a knob on verses lighting and waiting for coals to be ready. I decided on the Lynx, it seemed to have the best fit and finish, and is very well built. We're empty nesters, so the 30" is all we really needed. The rotisserie works well, and is fun to use. I did get one infra red sear burner, and it does get hotter than the burner over the ceramic briquettes, but doesn't seem to cook as evenly, nor sear anything close to real charcoal! I'm glad I kept the Weber, and I find myself still using it more for things like steaks. While the gas is convenient, IMO there's just no substitute for cooking over real charcoal.

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ctycdm -- Thanks, this is exactly the type of feedback I was looking for. If you purchased the Lynx again, would you get all briquettes with no sear burner? I found out this is an option, and we were considering this as I'm not sure how much we'd use the sear burner.

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Honestly, I think I would get it without the sear burner. The juices (and fat) dripping on the ceramic briquettes seems to aid in the cooking, and make it more like the real deal. For the two of us though, it doesn't really matter since I often only use one of the burners anyway.

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