Mumm Haunted House table

christmascandyOctober 22, 2011

This is the tablescape I set using the Debbie Mumm Haunted House dishes that I shared before.

I used orange chargers from Doll. Tree, then layered white, black, and Mumm plates, all TS finds. The orange goblets are also TS treasures.

The "BONE" (hehe) colored flatware was a Christmas present. All of the linens were TS; tablecloth, placemats, and napkins. I layered black/purple spiderweb napkins with black/white checked ones to mimic the pattern on the Mumm plates and tied with orange/black checked ribbon, also Mumm inspired.

The orange wire Jack and the little haunted House inside it were TS as was the candle ring that they are sitting on.

I have a close-up of the little haunted house.

The haunted house inside the orange Jack.

The Jack has a moveable section so items can be placed inside.

The candyshot:

Happy Haunting.


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What a fantastic Halloween table, Candy! Your TS stuff, as usual, are super finds. And your 'napkin talents' always leave me in awe.

You've now got me on the hunt for one of those Debbie Mumm plates to display.

Love your table! You are always delighting me with your decorating.
hugs, Karen

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Oh candy, your linens, esp those napkin arrangements are just peachy...ohhh, not! They're 'pumpkin-y!' They certainly mimic the Mumm are good!!!

The 'bone' china...err, flatware, is perfect!!! Great the colors, shapes & patterns you chose! And what a fun centerpc! That is amazing that it hinges open as I just 'squashed' a candle earlier today to try to get it inside one of those open iron-looking pumpkins! LOL!

Those orange goblets are cool, too! Your t'scape looks ready for, drink & not too scary! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Candy, This is a really cool Halloween table. The Debbie Mumm plates are the stars of the show. They look wonderful with the orange black and white accents. The CP is great. It's neat that it opens so that you can change what is inside. I'm lovin the "bone' flatware too.

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Candy great DM table..I like the layering of the dishes using black and white and orange. The colors really make the Haunted House plates - pop! Cute idea for your CP - looks great elevated on the stand. Also - love how you layered your napkins.
This will be a hard 'act to follow' when I set a table with my DM !!
TFS yours...

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Marlene Kindred

Just too cute Candy! You have the most amazing luck at TS, etc. finding such cool dishes, goblets, etc. TFS!

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Candy, pretty table and love those DM plates. Love the purple spider napkins and layering with the flatware. The cp pumpkin is neat and looks great with the haunted house inside.

Once again, great finds and thanks for sharing. Will be fun to see Jane's ts using the same plates. One thing for sure, we will never see two identical settings with all of us shopping like we do.


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Haunted houses never looked so good! I love how you mimicked the checks with your napkins. I have never seen the orange chargers at DT but I will be looking that's for sure. another perfect table!

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Your endless creativity and decor always makes me tired *lol*.
The layers of plates simply "fit" just right and tying the napkins is a great compliment to the whole setting.
As usual, job well done!!

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Debbie Mumm has always been one of my favorite designers, but I'd never seen anything Halloween of hers before--I love the haunted houses! Great find on those goblets and I love that you even had "bone" flatware to use! LOL So much fun and you did a fantastic job with it all.

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Karen, I hope you find the plate you want. Thanks for the compliment, you are always such a good cheerleader for the group!!

Jeanne, it is pumpkin-y!LOL Glad you ladies liked the napkins.

Nana, I was so excited when I found those plates as I had wanted them last year. Gotta love those TS treasures!

Jane, your DM table was awesome! Funny that we both found sets of DM plates, but completely different sets.

Marlene, I keep finding such great deals and I can't resist! I found a set of Sakura Halloween plates yesterday for $3.99!! Of course, I didn't need them, but what's that got to do with it??

Punk, the enablers do a great job shopping and sharing!! It is fun to see how different are everybody's creations.

Kath, I think the orange chargers were actually just party platters, but to me they made perfect chargers! They had black ones with skulls, but I just don't care for the gory stuff that much.

MM, thanks, but your tables and side table are always just as creative!

Luvs, I love her designs and fell in love with those plates last year, but had to wait until I found them at the right price!!
Thanks again everybody,

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More Debbie Mumm, be still my heart, she could break a person if they had to have them & buy them at retail!

You got a real deal on those, love them, have not seen them before & love how she has the borders going around them.

And, almost everything on your table is TS and it's all soooo cute, never would know and isn't it more fun to do all this at bargain prices!!! LOL

I have a complete set of Debbie Mumm xmas from my son, he actually found it at an antique store.

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OOOOH, Yachter, looking forward to seeing a table with your Mumm dishes. I love her designs. What a great son!
I have some of her snowman plates, TS finds of course! I love the thrill of the hunt and am sure I couldn't afford them at retail prices, so a-thrifting I will go, LOL


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