Is this a start?

musicteacherJune 28, 2013

I have been bathroom shopping without a clue of what I want but today I found a tile that I love. It doesn't look nearly as good in a photo as it did in the store. I wish you could see it in the light. It is pretty expensive but I don't think I would need much of it. This is one foot of tile so you see the squares are quite small. They had used a small bit of it as border in between travertine colored tiles, and the little squares just glowed - almost like abalone or pearl. I got all excited about how this might look with my slate colored floor and silver sconces, but I don't know what to do for the main tile, or the countertop.

My cabinets are painted white, but that could change to a grey or blue if it would look better.

I really hate the travertine my tile guy suggested - the sharp edges and the fact that it is in the brown family. I want my bathroom to be more feminine I guess He has an Aplus rating with Angie, and I know he is good, just don't feel I can ask him for color advice.

My original thought was to do a vintage type bathroom with subway tiles, chrome fixtures and soapstone counters. Am I trying to mix too many styles?

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That is beautiful tile. Have you looked at Sonoma tile, they have subway tiles in many different sizes and colors. You can also get the tiles in the crackle, which is very pretty.

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I will now.... thanks.

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That is where I began with my Porcelanosa moasic. See if you can get a sample, or even purchase a sheet of that tile to take with you around to every tile store you can find. When you hold it next to something you will know. (Or think you know). Get a sample of that second tile and look at it under different lights at home for a few days. This is a slow processs. You have begun the journey. Isn't it wonderful to find something that you really love, not just something that you think will be okay? Wonderful!


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I did the same thing. I started with a sample of the glass tile that I liked , then I chose the colour of my marble , paint , towels from it . Start by deciding what are the colors that you like best in it and want to see around you in your bathroom . How are you going to use this tile and where ? floor , wall or back splash . Take this sample to the marble and granite ward , put this sample next to the ones that you like and see which one will match best . If you choose the stone for the counters , you get a sample from both and go to the tile store and get a tile matching both .

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Thank you all. That little glass tile would most likely be just a trim - like jewelry- for the shower and backsplashes. I have slate look tiles on the floor and it looks good with that, but I don't know what to use for the countertop - or the shower tile. I really want a solid color countertop - maybe soapstone, don't know if it will be too much a contrast

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I think a cream color vanity would look great with it as there is no actual white in the tile. To keep the bathroom more feminine, keep it simple with creamy tones and then add your accessories.

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