Update! Please read this about U-Line Corp.

sherilynnJune 17, 2008

I hope you all read this, because this is amazing. I usually hang out on the kitchen forum,

but had to come here on the Appliance Forum back on September 30, 2007, to ask for advice about

some appliance problems I was having. Since then, I have had almost all issues resolved favorably. I have to tell you about how effective

posting on Garden Web can be and how WONDERFUL U-LINE'S CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS BEEN! The issue that was most recently resolved was posted

on the link above. Here's the original post:

I bought two under counter U-Line refrigerators. One with ice and the other with a freezer. The one with

the freezer went out. Service tech said to call U-Line to get authorization for a new compressor/freon/or replace the unit. They

wanted me to FAX my receipt. I did, but the year was left off this handwritten receipt FROM THE DISTRIBUTOR. U-Line wanted a full date,

which I don't blame them. Contacted distributor who says, "Oh, those models we sold you were older models and you bought them 'as is with no

warranty'. I DID NOT. When I bought them, they did tell me that there were newer models out, but these still HAD a warranty, brand new, in the

box. "No different than buying a year end model car," is what they said. I said my receipt said no such thing as not having a warranty, but it

DID have my check number on it. They asked me to FAX my receipt, they claimed it was not an invoice but a purchase order...and they're

invoices are computer generated. They then Faxed me an invoice with misinformation on the invoice and now it says 'as is, no warranty.' It

had my check number, and information that it was shipped to an old address, which it was NEVER SHIPPED. My husband and I went across town

and picked these up ourselves. The key here is I paid them by check. My check was dated on 8/14.04 and cashed on 8/16/04 and is on ALL of these

receipts (mine and their fictitious receipt). This receipt they faxed to me that they said they gave me was dated 8/23/04, which is totally


I thought, forget them, I still have five years on the compressor, so I took my check and faxed it to U-Line with my

receipt. U-Line said that ...and I'm silently screaming here, that my unit was manufactured 14 YEARS AGO AND IT'S OLD FREON, they don't have

parts, and they will not warranty this unit.

I do have the distributor's company in a 'lie' about the receipt, but U-Line says I need to deal with them. I'm out a

machine. I have a 24" 'hole' in my cabinet space and the other unit is acting up. I wish I NEVER BOUGHT these U-Lines. NOW. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


On March 30, 2008, almost six month later after posting here on Garden Web, I opened my

email inbox and there was an email with the subject line " Your U-Line Product".Â

I almost didn't open it because I did not recognize the sender. Now I am so thankful that I did. Here is what the email said.

"I'm new to the Internet Blog environment, but came across your post this morning. I'll be out of town most of the upcoming week, but will be available via email. What's the status of your situation? I might be able to help out, I'm concerned about your poor experience with the purchase of our products and want to work with you. dean@u-line.com

Dean Byczynski

General Manager, Customer Services

U-Line Corporation"

Well, after multiple emails between Dean and another lady, Pat, I want you to know that U-Line replaced BOTH of my U-Line units at no cost to me! Can you believe it? I have only installed one unit, because I did purchase a third unit, but I think I'm going to put this to use in a college dorm. I just cannot tell you how absolutely amazing Dean Byczynski and his staff has been. I would absolutely buy from them again and my new under counter fridge works wonders around the first one I had that was so old. If anyone want to help me thank Dean for helping me, I would appreciate it. In no way was U-Line obligated to help me, but they did. I am so deeply grateful. I still need to write Dean myself, but wanted to let all of you know how fantastic and satisfied I feel today. It gives me hope knowing someone does respect our situation and cared enough to step up to the plate and make this right for us. We are very, very grateful. Please consider U-Line. There customer service cannot be beat.

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that's great to hear, and thanks for taking the time to follow up and post about a positive experience!

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I want to know who the lying distributor is so we can boycott them. And thanks for posting about U-line's stellar response.

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Now that is great customer service on U-Line's part. Kudos to them

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We just ordered a U Line beverage center, one of the few appliances I just ordered with no research (shocking!) because we made a last minute change and needed it immediately. When I saw your post subject I said "oh no, now I'll see that I really screwed up" so you can imagine my relief after reading your post.

Agree in particular with edlakin about how nice it is to see someone post a positive (after the sturm and drang of the "anti-pro range" thread currently ongoing).

And...I just sent an email to Dean to compliment him on his excellent job.

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And, just got a reply from him thanking me for my email. Wow, this guy is responsive!

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Unbelievable! - good thing you spoke up.

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petlady1, I have not posted the distributor's name here because I wanted to give them the opportunity to do me right, first off and I considered a lawsuit. U-Line knows which small distributor I bought them from and if they want to deal with them, then fine. I kept wondering whether or not I would take the local company to small claims court here, but they are in another county over and I was too busy to mess with it. After having a lawsuit over my cabinets within the past two years, which delayed my kitchen by as long, then add the time to fix all of the compromised issues, I was just too tired to fight this year. My daughter lost a baby and moved in, moved out, moved in, moved out, and then again. She's been a handful....so when Dean's email came that morning, it was like a huge hug of "it's going to be O.K.". Can you even imagine? It was like Dean's phone call popped an emotional cork in me because having help with these units was one of the kindest things that has ever happened.

Anyway, Dean and his staff has made this transition of units and disposing of the others easy. Pat from his company even asked me if we could install the machines or did we need someone to install them? Of course, we could install them! I mean to tell you, they were so very kind and I am impressed.

clinresga, thank you for dropping Dean a note. He has made my kitchen life 100% better! My husband could not believe he actually did this either. When I told him about Dean's email, he laughed. He said, "R-r-r-ight. Sure they're going to replace those units. I TOLD you not to buy from that company (meaning the local distributor because of the area of town they are located, not nice like the other distributors locations). I don't believe he'll come through for you."

Well, Dean, has shocked my husband! :) He's very impressed with Dean and the U-Line Corporation, too!

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Good for U-line to make good on their products!

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I have a ULine undercounter refrigerator with icemaker that leaks water every couple months. It either freezes everything in the refrigerator part or won't keep it cool enough. Very erratic temp control. Can't keep anything that might spoil or break if frozen. Basically an expensive water cooler.It freezes up somewhere and then without warning there's a pool of water on the floor. They sent out techs 3 times who thawed it out with a blow dryer and replaced a couple parts. Kept doing the same thing for a year. When out of warranty the fridge kept doing the same thing which was never really fixed. They then wanted to charge an arm and a leg. They knew it was a lemon but they don't care. What a disappointment!

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