OT..ever have one of those days....LOL

PurplemoonOctober 4, 2011

Sat. evening my computer decided to stop working. I went till Monday 5pm without it and thought I was going to lose my mind. I NEED this darn thing! Reading and watching TV just don't fill the hours for me, especially after midnight and the Fibro pain is so bad. But I made it and got back online last night. And this time, with no computer, cinched it for me. I decided to finally get a laptop to use in case of things like this happening, so I won't ever be computerless. Plus my DH might enjoy using it as he gets bored watching TV. He hasn't touched a computer since he retired 8 yrs ago. But he liked some games, and he'd like sports stuff. I was thinking I was lucky my reg. computer turned out an easy fix for the repair guy, only cost me the $90 service charge. Tho I bought the laptop so guess that added $$$$$$. LOL.

Then Sunday, my TV also went out. Sheeesh. So today DH went and got me a new one. Guess this year we actually got each other anniversary gifts, he got a laptop and I got a TV. LOL. (the 17th we'll be married 41 yrs).

Now both of us have to learn to use a laptop, and I do NOT deal well with learning new stuff. I'll probably be real frustrated for awhile trying to learn it. But the nice thing is now I can sit in other parts of the house, or even on porch, and not be tied to my chair in here if I don't want to be. I'm worried tho, things happen in THREES, so just waiting to see what the next big thing that breaks down will be. sigh.

Tho maybe this will count for a 'bad thing'....

I can't find the box with my Fall plates and other ceramic items. I have about 8 decorative plates and its driving me crazy not to find them! I don't know where else to look, and have checked various places THREE times now! The Fall bins were all where they were supposed to be, but the "breakable stuff" not in them!! Actually my Halloween plates (just have 2 or 3 I think) must be with them too as I didn't see any in my Halloween stuff when I was looking thru it last week. :o( Looks like I won't find them this Fall tho, and if they somehow are in the Xmas stuff, YOU will probably hear my scream of rage then.

Anyway, I've got some Fall decorating done and will get it posted a bit later.

hugs, Karen

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Well Karen..I was really feeling your pain and anxiety reading about your computer! How did we ever survive
BEFORE them! Glad you solved your TV issue...just go out and get another...lol and as far as a 'NEW' laptop...that works for me! You're gonna love it. I bought one for DH two yrs ago and I kept borrowing it ALL the time. He kind of suspected that I really bought it for me..HA...ya think!
So last Spring when my big old clunker was having issues...like you, I broke down and got one for me. Now I can do just what you want to - use it Anywhere I please and with NO interruptions. I have the big one upstairs, but the GKids are there and it's not a quiet place. Most times, especially late at night, I enjoy sitting in bed with it. I know you'll love it too because you're up all hours like me. It's not too hard to figure out and you'll do fine.
Sorry you can't find those bins. They'll probably show up around Valentine's Day!!
Happy Laptopping..

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Karen, Well, Happy Anniversary. You each got gifts that will be useful. I know you will enjoy your new laptop and the portability.
I have experienced that same frustration of not being able to locate some items that I can't remember where I put them and it is soooo frustrating. ARGGH! Good Luck on your quest.

Looking forward to your new photos.

Happy Hunting,

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Marlene Kindred

Happy early Anniversary! DH's and my anniversary is the 14th (33 years). Glad you got a laptop too...they do come in handy since you can move around with them. I do use a mouse with mine though because the touchpad thingie drives me crazy! (And believe me when I say I don't have far to go these days.) Hope you find your dishes too....I know how maddening that is. I've done the same thing before and you find the stuff in the darnedest places sometimes.

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I found my missing Fall bin! I had previously said if I (later on) found it in my Christmas storage, I'd scream loud enough for you to hear. Well I did find it with other Christmas bins....thankfully now instead of in Dec...
but I almost screamed anyway! You see the "Gi-normous" blue bin?

It is totally FULL of Fall. It feels like bricks are in there, I could barely drag from garage into family room! I didn't do anything so far but lift the lid to confirm it was Fall. The size and weight of this thing is REALLY scary! Especially as I unpacked 4 other Fall bins, the size of the green one, and you saw how much I've decorated. Holy Purple Cow! Maybe this one should have STAYED missing! Sheesh.

It was in one of the places I'd looked THREE times already. Guess one should never stop looking, huh?
I have a corner in the garage with Christmas bins, most all the size of the green one cause that is an easy size for me to lift and carry. Tho I do have some the next size up for garlands as I have so many of them.
This blue one, needless to say, was on the bottom of the stack. And I was POSITIVE all my big Xmas garlands were stored in there. POSITIVE, I tell you! Of course if I had any working brain cells left, when
I put it out there last year and had clearly written FALL on it in a big black marker, I'd have made sure the lettering faced the FRONT and not the garage wall. Arrrrrggghhhh.
Anyway, this evening, out of frustration after previously checking all the green bins before... without having
to move any of them... I moved all of them and looked in the blue one just to prove to myself it did hold the
Xmas garland. Wish you'd seen my face when I saw what I saw. And glad I couldn't see the look of horror that it must have showed. Especially when I went to move it. (I swear there has to be bricks in there!!)

I probably will have to drag it out on the back porch in the morning as I can't have it, or a mess of stuff, in
my family-room cause company is coming over. The man who wrote Jason's book is coming back to go thru my photos, and the memorabilia (articles, magazines, etc) I've collected since he was burned. He'll
probably be here around 2 hrs. The book is at the publisher waiting for photos. Will be ready to order
soon hopefully. (Jas and Russ both will sign copies for any of you who want it by the way. Unfortunately I don't know the price yet)

Well, my back is screaming at me for dragging that bin and moving all the others full of Xmas things, so
I better go move around and treat myself to some Vicodin. If I was smart I'd throw them out and get some Vodka. LOL. Probably be cheaper and I'd probably be more fun to be around.

hugs, Karen
PS...Marlene, how neat you and I almost share the same anniversary day.

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OMgosh .... I just love those "blue bins!" LOL!
No wonder it weighs like bricks if you have your plates/dishes in it! (& other wonderful surprises, I'm sure!)

I also MMarker my bins on 1 end side & 1 long side ...&, it never fails that some face the wall or get hidden by another! I'm up to 2 Fall bins ...growing! I won't count the Christmas ones!

Take good care of yourself ... any "V" sounds like a winner for your body tonight! The mystery is solved! Yay! Jeanne S.
(like Marlene, I'm also old-schooled & still use a wireless mouse w/our laptop ...got one of those little plastic desk thingy's w/a pull-out on one side (end) for the mouse) Most often, I'm still at my desktop! ;-)

Look what's coming next!

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Oops, sorry PM...didn't mean to send it that big! It's from PBucket! ;-(

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Karen you never fail to make me laugh with your tales of where you stash your decorating goodies and then forget them! I'm so glad you solved this mystery, but sorry you had to move so many bins to do it!

Jeanne, love that truck and it seems like the perfect storage for Karen! LOL


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So glad to hear that you found your bins!
But Holy Bat Cave...that's a 'HUGE' blue bin... I'm getting overwhelmed just thinking of what could be stored in there! It's going to feel like Christmas opening it up and not knowing what's inside. Karen, you were worried that you didn't have any room for your Halloween decorations..that will have to wait until you find space for more FALL!! lol
Geeze Jeanne..the picture of that 'Freightliner truck' is scary. The way we buy things on this forum...I think by the time we all move on to Heaven...that's what all our families will need to clear out our homes!


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Ohhhh, that truck is perfect! LOL, love it. I'm sure it would hold ALL my holiday decorations. Then once they were hauled off, the little guys with the nets could come get me.

At least when my DH came home, (gone all evening to a big function for Jason's foundation) he actually SAW the Big Blue Bin in the Middle of the family-room. Wow, I'm so impressed.

hugs, Karen

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Yes, I've had things like this go on and it stinks. Life shouldn't be so cruel all at once. I'm so excited to see what you have waiting inside those totes PM. It's going to be tough to wait until company leaves to start having Fun! That is a huge Blue tote...I could use one for my topiaries and get rid of a box.

How sweet that we will be able to have both signatures! Hope to see you in some of the photos w/Jas! Keep me posted and I'll mail you a check when it's time.

Jeanne, those train cars on the Freightliner truck made me LOL. My sister is an antique collector and she bought one a few years ago. She has a two story home and several outbuildings too. Good thing she lives on 10 wooded acres or her lot would be filled up!


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