I have a 9'tall, 9'deep, 15' wide space in my closet--what to do?

threeapplesMay 18, 2012

my closet is off our master bedroom and i'm in the process of designing cabinetry/shelving for it. It's a long story, but I have a vertical space with the size described above in the middle of the wall that the door is on and I'm trying to figure out a creative use for that space so it's not just a random open nook from floor to ceiling. The cabinet guy cannot put drawers in it, but is suggesting adjustable shelves behind two stacked glass doors. I'd love something unique here, but have no ideas. Any suggestions? thanks.

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I can't figure out your actual dimensions (because of GW's limited use of characters in titles of posts)...
But, would something like this work?

Source: ths.gardenweb.com via Dayna on Pinterest

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Can you post a picture of the opening? Jewelry cabinet?

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GW has a problem with ' and " in titles -- So I'm just going to guess that your space is 9 feet tall by 9 inches deep by 15 inches wide?

If that's the case, something like Kirkhall suggested -- a full-length mirror on hinges covering a shallow shelving section would be fabulous. Use the shelves for jewelry, scarves, belts, accessories -- the kinds of items you might have to try on with your outfit to see if they work. You could also do open shoe shelves, but I'm thinking your space isn't quite deep enough...

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Sweeby, yes, you are correct in the size. Do you think a mirror on hinges going all the way up to a 9 foot ceiling would work ok and not look odd? Thanks!

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