3cc granite / undermounted sink

lindalpJune 3, 2014

I found a granite remnet that I'd like to use on my vanity top. The poblem is, it is 3cc thick. I want an undermounted sink, but I am concerned that if I put an undermount sink in it, the thickness might look bad/odd. Anyone here have or has seen a 3cc granite vanity top with an undermounted sink? If so, do you like how it looks? Even if you don't have this situation, I would appreciate your input.
TIA Linda

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My vanity top and my daughters vanity top are 3cm thick. I think that is more the norm than 2cm. I think they look fine.

Here's mine:

And hers

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I have it too. 3cm is very common on the East coast. 2cm on the West coast.

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I have 3 cm Ceasarstone and undercounted sinks in both the kitchen and bathroom. Looks great to me.

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It's what we have on order for when the vanities get here in about 3 weeks. Our new sinks will be the rectangular variety which may give it a somewhat different look. Here's a 3 cm counter and rectangular sink combo from Houzz

Traditional Bathroom Countertops by Medina Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Cabinet-S-Top

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Here's a picture of my installed kitchen sink.

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Thank you all so very much. Your information and photos have been extremely helpful. I'm convinced the 3 cm will look great! Again, thank you all!

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