Forty Roses and the Antique Mall

PurplemoonOctober 17, 2010

I've had a nice weekend that can be summed up by shopping and 40 roses! Wooo Hooo.

First, today is my 40th Anniversary and my DH (Mr Oblivious) is taking me to my favorite restaurant for dinner. (I can't even remember the last time just the two

of us went out to eat! We always take my Dad with us, or there's some family get-together with the kids/grandkids. So never just he and I.) However, when it comes to being romantic, my DH not only missed the boat, I don't think he's on the same planet. LOL.

When my youngest son got married, and his fantastic wife found out I never got flowers, she decided that was going to change! So for my birthday, Mother's Day, and my anniversary, I get flowers from her and Jason! (now you'd have thought in the 13 yrs she's been our DDIL, it might have inspired my Mr Oblivious to try doing it once in awhile. HA! The thought has never occurred to him).

Anyway, because the 40th 'should' be rather special...and because they know Pop so well, they figured they should take matters into their own hands. So when I opened the FTD box, to my utter amazement, there were FORTY..Lavender..Roses! Yep, lavender, since they know I'm a purple sort of gal. I cried, I laughed, I was delighted, I was overwhelmed by those two!!! Meanwhile, Mr Oblivious who couldn't ignore THAT many roses sitting in the middle of the table, did his usual "that's nice, Dear". NICE??? I swear, the man is hopeless! LOL.

(On our 25th anniversary, I had a brief moment where I thought he was going to be romantic. He came in and asked me if I'd like a new, diamond!, wedding ring. WOW. I was still wearing the simple band from our wedding day. I said YES, and had this vision of us going to pick out my new ring...sigh. But then he says for me to go pick out one I liked, he was going to the Pro Shop and get a new set of golf clubs!!! (bribery is not romantic. LOL)

Kind of makes you wonder why I've kept him so long! We are total opposites in about EVERY single way. But even tho he hasn't a romantic bone in his body, and picking out beautiful cards for me is the best he can do for special occasions, he shows his love in more practical ways. He always fills my car with gas, takes out the trash, runs any errand I ask him too, and the past two years took over the grocery shopping when my Fibro made it so very difficult for me to do. If I ask him to take me to some store (like Home Goods) he never bats an eye, even tho he has zero interest in stores and looking at stuff. He's SO easy going, never gets mad or upset, never criticizes anything I do, or buy. Nor the 35 yrs I was heavily involved in showing dogs, and had 9 of them most of the time. He was glad I had something that I loved doing and made me happy.. So he's pretty much a keeper in my book. Even tho I've always been a golf widow. LOL.

Now that I've made a long story LONGER, on to the shopping part. A friend from across town that I rarely get to see came over yesterday and we went to lunch, then to the big antique mall I love. I found several goodies to decorate with. (lot of the stuff isn't 'old' there, and the things I found certainly weren't. But the price was right, for that place anyway, and I was very happy with my finds. ( I bought NO bunnies this time! Amazing. LOL.) Of course I can barely walk today, but I had a WONDERFUL time with her!

40 Lavender Roses! I still can't believe them!

ACORNS! (don't look Luvs! LOL) The Harvest plate is stoneware and really heavy. I paid $5 for it.

The Acorn Candle Lantern was $7.

The Black Cats Birdcage, came with the owl in it, and was $8. And the Witch Hat Votive Holder was $9.

So now I've got to get ready for dinner, Jason offered to stay with my Dad so I wouldn't worry. And they will have a nice visit with just the two of them.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, HAPPY 40TH!!!!!! So glad that you got a chance to get out of the house for a little while yeterday and to your favorite resturant tonight. the lavender roses are so beautiful. Our kids do make us proud don't they? Hope your DD is doing better and your fibro isn't acting up so badly. Seems like my knees have been awfully achey today, but you know how that goes. I love your treasures,esp the plate and the acorn lantern. The bird cage and the voitive holder are nce too, but my favorites are the plate and the lantern. Again HAPPY 40th, Janet

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Thanks, Janet. I see the first two photos are huge, I'm so sorry about that. I don't understand why, since I resized all three down to the same size.

My fibro is on warpath today from all the walking yesterday, but it was worth it and my knees can just deal with it. LOL. I hope your knees ease up too.

Dad is getting weaker, tho being bedridden pretty much guarantees that to happen. I'm very worried about him. But all I can do is keep taking care of him and hoping I have him with me as long as possible.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, the pics are not large at all on my computer. I really need to find some computer classes that I can take at night, I am totally computer illerate. I don't know the first thing about resizing or adding links, I had fully intended to try posting pics last weekend, but life just keeps getting in the way of me taking the time to try to learn, even after Luvs was so kind to post links for me. Guess I'm just to dumb to learn. Janet

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Well, I guess you're having your entree about now. You know, my hubbie and I don't go out to a really nice restaurant very often. Like you, when we do, we are almost always with others. What always strikes us as funny is, we do nothing but talk about our children and grandchildren. We're finally rid of them for a few hours and we end up making them the main topic of conversation.

Congratulations on your 40th. I think we figured out a while back that there are three or four of us on the forum who hit the 40th mark this year. Hmmmm. Where did the time go? When did I get old? Well, I must say, despite your Fibro, you have a wonderfully young, amazingly kind spirit.

My husband is the same way when it comes to flowers. Thinks they're impractical because they have such a short shelf life. Of course they're impractical. That's what makes them so special to receive. When my first child was born, I got a bouquet of roses in the hospital. I was thrilled. Then I opened the card and found that they were from the Tennis Club we belonged to! I gave up ever expecting to get flowers again.

How great that your son and his wife found lavender ones! I didn't even know they came in that color.

I really like the square pumpkin plate. Good for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Happy, happy anniversary. I hope you ordered lots of hors d'oeuvres, Surf and Turf for an entree (or something in the equivalent price range), and many desserts, taking a couple of bites from each one until you were all full up!

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Well, it sounds like a good match to me! Happy, happy 40th to you & Mr. Oblivious! ...& many, many more! Yes, sounds like a keeper! Hope your night out was GREAT & love your roses & your shopping loot! Hugs to you (& your Dad, too), purplemoon! You are one special lady...knowing that the shoe fits! Jeanne S.

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Karen...By now you've pobably finished dessert!
Wishing you a - Happy 40th Anniversary!
Hope you had an 'Expensive & Memorable' Dinner! (with good food)
Those roses are absolutely gorgeous and their color is just beautiful.
As far as are just a 'different minded species' and some just don't know how to express their feelings. However, I honestly see such love shining thru, in a different way, from all those other things your DH does for you....and yes, he sounds like 'He's a keeper' !

So glad you got a chance to get out for a special day with your friend, You found some really neat things, and I love that Cat birdcage and the Witch Hat Votive holders..both so unusual...and the acorn birdcage and harvest plate are great finds and just perfect for now.

I'm sorry for your Fibro agony..hope you can give your body some rest and a chance to catch up with itself. I know it's no fun 'paying the consequences' after too much activity.
I know a 'day without pain' is also a rarity..but we do what we have to ...
Thankfully tho, you're 'Smile and Sense of Humor' is still unaffected!!


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Happy Anniversay Karen, sounds like you have it all figured out after this many years. You know how to make yourself happy. Sounds like DH does what he feels you need him to do. He is a keeper and it's to bad you no longer are able to show your dogs.

Our kids are like yours and put alot into gifts and DH is good about paying for whatever. So happy to hear Jason and your DD is spending time together so you and DH can enjoy a night out for dinner. Hope you had a special dinner and the food was terrific.

Love your beautiful roses and all your goodies are wonderful. Your pumpkin plate is NICE and love the Acorn Candle Lantern. That kitties w/bird cage is perfect for you. Wonder how long before Jazz joins those two cats. I can hardly wait to see the Witch Hat Votive Holder all lit up. Nice to hear when friends take time to do fun things together.

Again Happy Anniversary, I'm proud of you for making it to the 40th.


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Thanks Gang. You are a BIG part of making my day 'special', hope you know that!

Mr Oblivious and I both had the Filet Mignon. By the time we ate salads and our dinner, no room left for dessert. Probably a good thing in my case! LOL.

Jane, love the card!

OA, I better keep my sense of humor. With the Fibro pain so bad 24/7, its either try to laugh as much as I can, or spend all my time in tears. Jason says something in his motivational speech that really hit me..."life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. and the ONE thing you have control over is your attitude". Well seeing how he's handled the challenges of a burn survivor, I figure he knows what he's talking about. If you haven't seen his speech from me already, he's pretty darn amazing. (But then I'm his Mom and super prejudiced.) LOL. He has amazed me daily since he was burned. My hero, forever.

OA, the story about the flowers at the birth of your first child made me laugh...and sympathize. Maybe our DH's are related?

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Jason speaking

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Happy Anniversary, Karen! That is a wonderful milestone you and your DH have reached--not always easy but so worth the give and take. You have both raised a wonderful family and given your DD so much love and a sense of security in his senior years. Love those gorgeous lavender roses! Wow! 40 roses is a huge bouquet! So glad you enjoyed a wonderful meal together and some time together as a "two some". ;o)

I can tell the shopping trip went well. I'm sure you loved spending time with your friend at that wonderfully big antique mall. The cat cage is perfect for you, and the witch hat votive holder is very unique. Love your new acorn plate and lantern--and I'm not too green with envy because I do have one. Not sure it's exactly like yours, but similar anyway. Once again, we tend to like the same things!

Here's a pic of my lantern so we can see how similar they are. Mine is covered in cobwebs right now--I'll have to "clean" after Halloween! LOL

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Karen, sounds like a yummy dinner. I hope anyone who hasn't seen Jason's story will. It will bring tears to your eyes, followed by laughter and you will end with a warm feeling. Attitude is Everything and he is living proof. This will also make all realize why PM doen't complain very often about her fibro.

So glad you mentioned OA's flower story. I must of gotten up and missed that part. That is funny/SAD. We all
know we can live w/o receiving flowers but they sure have a way of brightening one's day.

Oh my, Luvs lantern is so close to yours. I think it looks great all covered with webs.


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"life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. and the ONE thing you have control over is your attitude"

Oh my Lord, Karen. I know this is YOUR SPECIAL POST tonight, but I have to let you know that I needed to hear that right this minute. Right this very second. It's 11:17 here and I'm up because I can't sleep. Now, I don't sleep normally, but tonight it's because I've let something bother me that doesn't really amount to a hill of beans and I was all set to make a big deal about it tomorrow morning. To be honest, I've spent the last hour devising a plan. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Anyway, please tell Jason that his bit of advice made me think twice and feel a little ashamed of myself. Everyone's been telling me to "just let it go" and I just couldn't (or wouldn't). But sometimes hearing it from someone you don't know, someone who has no vested interested in what you do or don't do, makes you listen - especially when that person IS TALKING FROM EXPERIENCE, an experience no one should have to go through.

Again, I apologize for getting off the subject here, and I do want to wish you a Happy Anniversary again. But Jason just made a BIG DIFFERENCE.

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WOW, OA, you really reached out and touched me! What an ending to a special day. Whenever I hear Jason has helped someone, especially someone I know, it really grabs my heart. Its almost midnight here, and I can't think of a better ending for today than your words!

I'll tell you a little secret, there are plenty of times I feel unable to cope with something and can make mountains out of mole hills. So I watch his video speech and am always affected by it. Its kind of my lifeline when needed.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, Congratulations on your 40th!!! [husbands can be priceless, can't they?] Sounds like you had a lovely dinner. Those roses are beautiful, you sure do have a wonderful DS @ DDIL. I love your finds from the antiques mall. I'm sorry your Dad getting weaker. He's lucky to have you. and I'm glad that he is still with you even tho he is in poor health. I don't know much about Fibro. It has to be awful to be in constant pain. I'll go back and read Jason's speech later when I have more time.

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Karen, first of all, Happy late Anniversary! I am in total awe of your gorgeous roses! Your son and his wife are so sweet to do this for you.

Now, I had to totally laugh reading this! Your DH sounds like my DH's twin! I never get flowers...the best I can hope for is a card. My anniversary was Oct. 9 and that's what I got...a card. Oh well, like your DH, mine is a keeper.

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It sounds like you have three great guys in your life who love you a lot, Karen . . . and one wonderful daughter-in-law. How incredibly thoughtful of your son & DIL to search out those lavender roses~ and 40 of them, no less! They're gorgeous! You should take some pics of them and frame the best one . . . at least in a 5x7" size. Those are too pretty not to!
And, a very Happy 40th Anniversary! It sounds like it was a great day. Love your new finds, especially that bird cage! I'm always amazed ~ but grateful;^D ~ at the great things people want to get rid of.
Take care of yourself today, if you can. Hope your fibro eases up for you and your father has a good day, too.

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Happy belated Anniversary to you and Mr. O!!
Your roses are amazing and your supper sounds wonderful!
I think of your son often and just the fact that he IS, causes me to be thankful for all of my gang! He is a special blessing to all of us!
Have a good week = less pain!!

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Happy Anniversary! 40 is an especially big one. Your roses are lovely and how nice to have such a darling DIL. We hardly ever go out to eat either, so I'm really happy for you about that. You and your friend found some great deals, my fav is the witch hat votive, but they are all great.

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A very HAPPY 40th Karen!! The roses are perfect, I bet you just love them & keep the picture, the flowers don't last but the picture of them will.

I got a good chuckle from reading about Mr. Oblivious, hope he doesn't read this forum!!!

He's just not a romantic, but having an easy going husb. who will let you buy anything you want, what more can you ask for?? LOL

See, you found the perfect lantern, I'm so glad, I know you've been wanting one and that plate is gorgeous!

So glad you had such a good time. I've been getting ready for the filming again, so I just had a minute to drop in while cooking supper. I washed walls today & then went to the chiropractor, she definitely scolded me!!

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Yacht, you need a scolding from your back doc! Hope you don't for your 'sins'...washing walls, sheeesh Lady.

Yep, I'm definitely keeping my roses forever (in a photo).
And I am going to keep each and every petal as they fall off and put them in a decorative bottle or jar. (my daughter has the dried rose petals from her wedding 10 yrs ago and I love that she kept them.)
I played in Photobucket with my rose picture and here's what I'm going to keep I think.

hugs, Karen

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What everybody else already said!!
The roses are spectacular and your shopping goodies are wonderful. I actually found some witch hat votive holders on shepherd crooks for outdoors that look very similar to your set. Mine are an antiqued silver color and have a lovely rust patina!
My 40th anniversary would have been last July, but lost that husband.
Now my own dear current Mr. Oblivious is also not very sentimental, but shows his love in other ways and is also my golfing buddy!! I guess there is no perfect man, but each has his own little idiosyncrasies that we learn to live with and appreciate their positive aspects.

Thank you so much for sharing Jason's speech. It made me cry, but what a wonderful son you raised and what an amazing attitude he displays. He is a wonderful inspiration and witness for the attitude he promotes. You have to be one proud mama!! I noticed that it was the Rocky Mountain News, was he in Denver??

Hope you are feeling much better on your special day!!


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Nice work on the rose pic! A saver for sure!! Beautiful! Jeanne S.

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Karen, your picture of your roses is beautiful and what a great idea to save all the petals as DD did from her wedding.


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Candy, your outdoor witch votive holder sounds really neat, hope to see pictures of it. Another 'thrifty' find I presume? ;o)

Thank you for kind words on Jas, and watching his speech.
Yes, that was last year in Denver, when he was speaking to a cop group there. I only have seen his power point speech one time in real life (here), so I am thrilled someone put it on the web where I can see it whenever I want. And be able to share it.

Kind of scary your Mr O. sounds so much like mine, LOL.
But since they are keepers, guess that's a good thing!
I have to say, mine darn near got served with divorce papers when Jason was born tho. LOL. (I have a son and daughter from an early, short, youthful marriage, but Jason was planned 2 yrs after I married Mr Oblivious.)
Anyway, after being in hospital for 3 days...required back then!!...I was so anxious to get home with my little baby boy. And all the warm and fuzzy feelings of our new family being together. So when DH came to take me home at 11 a.m. check-out time, the doc was late coming in to sign me out. DH paced and and paced and was acting so anxious to get us home. I was really touched by him. Till I noticed just how often he was looking at his watch! I asked him about that and he said he had a TEE TIME at 12:30. Luckily for him, I was speechless! Didn't know whether to cry, scream, or throw something at him! All my little thoughts of us going home and being snuggly with our baby son went right into the dump. I wouldn't even speak to him on the way home. He did say he thought I'd want a nap and the baby would be sleeping so he saw no reason to NOT play golf. Arrrggghhhh. (my kids love hearing this story now, but I didn't appreciate being dumped off home while he raced to make his tee time!). But that sure was a 'defining' moment as to how important golf was going to be the rest of our marriage. No wonder I went to the dogs!! LOL.

(Jason is a golfer too, started at age 7. And Candy, hope you noticed his hands, that were almost amputated and only saved by drastic measures. He was a 2 handicap before he was burned. No one thought he'd be able to even hold a club again with all the damage and amputations of fingers. He's now a 2 handicap AGAIN!) Jason doesn't make lemonade from lemons, he makes Margaritas! LOL

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful roses & Congrats on your 40th! Mr.O. sounds like a keeper. he's just not into flowers(they die too fast) may be his reason for not getting them. Glad you had a fun day at the antique mall, we have 1 at Santa Clarita & I never want to leave! So much to look at, so little time(& sore feet) glad you had a great meal & hope your dad is comfortable & not in pain. I think of Jason from time to time & have mentioned him to others for his strength & great attitude. He's got a great wife there, too!! Glad you found some neat stuff to decorate with too!! Jan

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Karen, I Just read Jason's speech...words fail me. What a remarkable young man he is. This has started out as a difficult day for me, like every one this past year. Listening to him has been a great help today.
Thank you for sharing his words with us.

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NanaK, I will keep you in my prayers. I'm so sorry you've had a difficult year (each day of it must be a challenge.)
I'm glad Jason's talk helped you.

Please know, that here on this Forum, you are surrounded by a lot of caring folks who will always try to offer support and caring when needed. If you need an extra prayer now then to get thru a bad day, just say so. I don't know what I'd do without this place.

Jan, thank you for all the kind words. I'm glad you've come over here since I've been missing on GJ too much this year.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Well usual, I'm the cow's tail! So happy that you and your DH had a nice anniversary! Happy 40th! My DH and I celebrated our 32nd on the 14th. Funny how fast time flies, isn't it? Sounds like Mr. Oblivious is a keeper for sure...there's a LOT to be said for husbands who do errands, don't complain, are happy when we're happy and take care of things around the house. I have one like that too, even though he can be pretty romantic at times too. Your son and DIL are just wonderful to get you such lovely roses...Lavender ones smell SO good! Just beautiful! So sorry that your Fibro has been flaring so much but happy that you had a good day shopping. Looks like you found some great treasures and got to spend some good time with your friend. I know what you mean about paying for all that walking....same for me whenever I spend a day out, but a girl's gotta do what a girl wants to do!

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