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PurplemoonOctober 8, 2010

First, before I forget to tell Luvs...

Dollar Tree had plates, bowls, and LG mugs with acorns on them! Heavy type dishes. I bought the lg mug, and a bowl, wish they'd had saucers for the mug. I plan to put a Christmas floral in it, and maybe the bowl. I didn't buy any plates. Yet. LOL. I'll take photos of it later, along with my other goodies. (I can't stand or walk another minute right now for the blasted pain. Legs got real bad yesterday from cleaning up the yard after the hail storm and horrific winds day before.)

I had no business trying to shop today but "Lynn made me do it" after seeing her Halloween explosion. I had very little, now I have a little more. LOL. I went to

Michaels, and the Dollar Tree next door to it. Thankfully just a 10 min drive from my house. I hope I can get the family-room area decorated this weekend! Maybe Lynn will drive over and help me, NM isn't THAT far. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Well Karen, if you had fun it was worth it! I just hope you aren't in more pain from it. Your pocketbook will be a little lighter though! :)

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Good for you, Purplemoon! (& I love how it's all Lynn's fault!) Tee Hee! You go, Girls! Jeanne S.

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Karen, not to be an enabler, but ran into Target for something tonite & they had a huge display of nutcrackers!

Really cute ones & I bet some you don't have! Thought of you as soon as I saw them!

But, with your pain, you probably don't want to walk Target, so just forget I mentioned it, OK?

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Yacht, my daughter took me to Target last week as I specifically wanted to go there to get the WITCH Nutcracker. I'd seen her online. Well they had a lot of every other one for Halloween but NO witch. I was soooo
disappointed. I came home to order the one online and found "she's out of stock". Blast it all, so frustrating.
A few days later, my darling DIL came over and decided to surprise me with the Dracula Nutcracker. He's cute and it was sweet of her to get him. But I really want the witch!

Jeanne, not sure I can get to Kohls, need a driver and it would be next week. Those black lanterns everyone is finding to decorate with are going to be elusive but I'll
get one some day.

Kathleen, normally "retail therapy" works great, but this time the leg pain is totally off the charts and each step is agonzing. I just can't work in the yard any more I guess. Can't do much of anything but that's a another Pity Party and I won't invite you guys to it. I'm determined to do my Halloween decorating this weekend but
I have a feeling it's going to be a challenge. (guess I should thank my lucky stars its NOT Christmas, huh?!)

hugs, Karen

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Karen... I was at DT today..DH drove me after my
Dr appointment and I saw those acorn plates and I bought 2 of the dinner plates. I saw the bowls but they only had 1 left. I didn't see any cups tho. I'd love to see your floral arrangement when you do it. That should be perfect for one.

I hope you try to keep off your feet for a little bit and let your body 'catch up' and recouperate from all that yard work.


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Hi Karen, thanks for the heads up on the DT plates. I had already written about them on your shopping post. Just wasn't "blown away" with them and was mad that they didn't have the leaf stemware like OA found, so decided not to get them. Besides I have those wonderful mugs Betty found for me last year and my little acorn plates, so I'm pretty much set. ;o)

Wish I would have looked for a witch nutcracker at Target. I just figured someone had told you about all the nutcrackers and you had already been there! Hope you find the witch one. I'll check next time I'm in.

I shopped today, but it was birthday shopping. I did stop by a little craft show and bought a little sign. I haven't decided if it is a ghost or a mummy--I'll have to post a pic and get everyone's opinion. Also saw something else that I had forgotten about--so had to run by GW on the way home to find a few pieces of stemware. I'll keep everyone in suspense a day or two until I get them painted! LOL


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