Recs for Radiant Heat mats - Warmly Yours?

phiwwyJune 27, 2012

A friend recommended this company for radiant heat. What are your recommendations? thanks.

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We used Nu-heat mats. Our tile guy prefers them (easy installation), and DH was very impressed with their cust svce/techs when he called to get info.

I know GW'ers have used Warmly Yours and have been happy with that as well.

Tip: install two sensors (only hook-up one) in case one fails down the road. We are still kicking ourselves that it didn't occur to us to do that.....

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good idea - but can you explain what the sensors are/do?

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We bought the Suntouch tape mats for our bathroom floor. Installation looks easy as pie. It's going in within a couple weeks. Can let you know more then. I did find their website to be super informative and lots of installation videos on youtube as well.

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phylhl, in floor heat wires, the resistive wires get warm, just as the resistive wires in toasters get hot.

With toasters nobody asks if the wires are good, as it is taken for granted that the wires ARE good. In floor heat, it's the same thing all over again and then some: because the wires only have to get warm not hot. So, the micro minor differences are in the other things, and are almost negligible. Heat is heat is heat. The thermostat is made by AUBE (web search this) or some other equivalent company. Wire mats "manufacturers" are not in rocket science.

To know what a sensor is, see a couple more web sites of manufacturers of wire mats.

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We used Warming Systems. BTW, this question has been asked oodles of times; do a quick search and you'll see the collection of responses.

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