Miele DW toe kick

VanditJune 10, 2012

I am possibly going to purchase a floor model Miele diamond g5975scvi from a guy locally. He says it has never been used (used as a demo for the Texas state fair), but is missing the toe kick plate with the DW. Does this usually come with the DW? It will need a panel made too. Thx for the help

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The toe kick under our paneled Miele Optima is the wood toe kick piece that is under that run of cabinets and DW. If you are going to panel yours, you could have a matching toe kick piece made as well. Or, you can always contact Miele directly. They may charge you, or could surprise you and give you one at no charge.

Good luck!

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My Optima came with a black plastic toe kick. I adapted it to a wood overlay. However, Miele's scheme for mounting is exceedingly inconvenient if one doesn't want screws showing on the face of the toe kick. When I have to get in there removal is easy, but re-installation is difficult, and I'll admit to some invective directed at engineers likely related to those designing Audis for easy maintenance. [/sarcasm]


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Thx guys. So I don't need the toe kick if I make my own from a panel? It doesn't need any special ventilation?

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Our cabinets don't have a solid built-in toe kick. The cabinets are on adjustable legs, and the toe kicks clip-on to clips attached to the underside front edge of the cabs themselves.

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I have the diamond. There are two tow kick options. One is to use the black plastic Toe kick and included hardware. If you wanted to use the plastic one, it has to be cut down since the height is based on European standards (Higher toekicks). If you want wood toe kicks that mach the surrounding cabinetry you then use the same toe kick material. There is a couple of ways of doing this depending on your cabinets. It needs to be removable for service.

I have cabinets on leg levelers so my toe kick snaps on adjacent cabinets. just runs across the front of the DW. Can be pulled off.

If your cabinets sit on a platform or have integrated toe kicks, then you can take a couple of magnets (Using a set with the magnet and the metal tab like you may use to keep bedroom closet doors closed) and attach them to the side of the adjacent cabinets and glue or screw the metal piece on the toe kick. The toe ick then snaps on the magnet and can be removed.

The toe kick height might have to be cut down to allow the door to open. My toe kicks have a gap across the whole width anyway at the top so had clearance.

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Yes, the gap and spacing provide a path for any needed ventilation. I'm unclear whether any is really needed for function, but may aid removal of trace amounts of humidity.

Sound suppression is aided by a rubber skirt that attaches to the dishwasher bottom and drapes to the floor (with my Optima).


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Todds- the DW is missing the factory toe kick. Is it necessary to have this if I am going to do a cabinetary toe kick out of wood? Do I need the factory piece to somehow glue to the wood? Can I just make a removable wood piece from my cabinet people instead of ordering the factory toe kick? This is new construction so I am having my cabinets built.

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I am with Kaseki on this one, re Audi engineers doing a guest appearance at Miele just for the toe kick. Mine will occasionally just fall off. It's nice, and such a pleasure to replace. Vandit: I haven't read the manual, but I would think that you could make your own from thin toe kick material. And good luck!

pS love the DW, just not the toe kick

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You do not need any toekick hardware or pieces that came with the DW if using a custom toe kick. The Diamond did not come with any plastic skirt that would run to the floor. There was a piece of insulation, similar to carpet padding that was the size of the Miele plastic toe kick and could slip behind it for soundproofing. I threw mine behind my wood toekick. Don't think it really does anything to muffle any additional sound. Not sure if that is also missing from your parts. You probably can get Miele to send you one if you really wanted it.

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I got the Miele Diamond DW today and the guy found me the toe kick after all. It is black plastic. Not sure I will use it, but like the mounting hardware it came with. Thx to all

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