Fall #1 (Pic Heavy)

slinkeyOctober 4, 2010

Since I have all this free time on my hands :)

I finally was able to post my Fall decos..

Fall Mantel...

I decided to use my painted box with the Country House scene

again..Some of you have seen this before... I got it at CTS a few yrs ago on discount due to damage on top, that you really can't see. They usually mark down 90% off damaged items..yayyyy

I mixed in different pewter candle holders with coasters on the top to hold the fatter candles. The plates are a combo of Friendly Village and Royal Worcester Palissy Game Series

both Ebay purchases.

I used a combo of two leaf garlands in darker tones one was from Michael's the other CTS - both on clearance(of course),

I mixed in some faux gourds..and small white lights.

Small arrangement on table in Family Rm...The iron planter was a gift from a friend.

Painted Wood Box was from TS $1 yrs ago...

This is on Coffee Table in Fam Rm.

Small Secretary in Fam Rm was $20 TS.. I refinished it.

On top is the Glass Pumpkin bowl purchased last month at Giant YS for $1 - filled with gourds..the Men in the Horse Drawn Wagon was GW (Dept 56) $3... The old lamp was from an ES yrs ago $8. The Painting (you can't see very well) DH painted when we were first married. It's of an Old Kentucky Woman - from an old photo. He won awards on it.

The twig wreath I made from vines around our property..

The two round boxes from CTS yrs ago...$2.69 for the two.

A closer look...some will remember this Dept 56 wagon...

I don't think they knew what they were pricing on this item..

Hope I didn't overload w/too many pics. I'll post more later. Thanks For Looking.


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Everything is looking so pretty, Jane. I love how your garland turned out. Great idea to use two together. Those plates are a perfect touch along with your pewter candle holders. Aren't you the one who started the whole pheasant hunt last year? Are they going to be making an encore appearance this year? Hope so.

You have such a knack for creating sweet arrangements. What a neat metal bowl from your friend--luv it.

I do remember your Dept. 56 wagon and totally agree that the person pricing it had no idea of what it should be worth, it's wonderful and so great you got it for a bargain price too!

Can't wait for more when you feel up to it.


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Jane...I noticed the country house on your lovely box right away...reminded me of my recent find (birdhouse one)! And I thought I wonder if she's got any of those faux trees (like are painted on the box)...I've seen those & they're kind of cool! Love the candlelight, & those gorgeous plates certainly reflect "Fall!"...the leaves garland w/lights looks great! I'm probably seeing your Fall decor for the 1st time cause this is about when I came on the forum last yr...Oct/Nov time.

Did your DH also do the framed woman sketch above that small table? When you shared the other art work of his...I thought, whoa! ...that is spectactular! Very talented artist!!! Like the decor on both of your tables...wood box & metal planter. But that secretary desk is my fav here...the framed work w/the handmade vine...& that covered glass pumpkin. I'm kicking myself for NOT buying one (& only one) I saw for $5 at JoAnn's yesterday...ugh! Love the balance of the older things in this arrangement on the sec'ry & then adding the glass.

WOW...everything looks great & I would love it all in my own home! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Jane, I started to post on your earlier post before dinner and when I started to submit it, I lost it,so I will try again now. First let me say that love your decorations. You have such a good eye for knowing how things should be arranged. (I couldn't convince you to come to my house to recuperate, could I? I sure could use some inspiration) I am so sorry that you are in the midst of a bad lupus flair. Like Karen, I have lived with fibro for years, my dr first thought I had lupus, but after a lot of testing, he decided it was a combo of fibro, sleep apnea and celiac disease, so I definately know what you mean when you say you feel like you were hit by a big truck, or maybe a freight train!I also know that Moms don't get sick days, and yes I agree that we all try to ignore our sympthoms until our body just rebels. I have started trying to make my self look at whether or not it will make any difference in a year if I don't get everything done that I plan to do and if it doesn't, I try not to obcess to much about not getting it done. My first MIL used to say, "If tomorrow doesn't come , you won't need it anyway", guess when you really think about all we try to do, a lot of it really isn't all that important anyway. Do take care of yourself, and remember that all your GW friends are sending good thoughts and prayers your way. REST!REST!REST that is the best med for these flairs. Hugs, Janet

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Looking fabulous, but don't overdo!!
We all care about you and want you to take it easy.
Your DH's painting is amazing!
I love the little wagon and it is all so perfectly arranged.


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Thank You Luvs & Jeanne...for your lovely comments.

Luvs...I'm not sure if I started the Pheasant Hunt..I did have one out last year, who is out again...but I do remember that a couple of yrs ago, I found the 'Twin' to Tam's Turkey! and that started a 'Turkey Hunt' here! lol

jeanne...I do know the trees you mean, and I love them...haven't seen any like them tho.
I think our 'stuff' would work both our homes...I'd love to swap with you anytime! As far as the Sketch over the little table, that's a Print I purchased 40 yrs ago, from the Salvation Army. It's of Hans Holbein The Younger who was a German Renaissance Painter during Henry VIII.
I did lots of sketching when I was younger, and this caught my eye. It was a bit pricy for the time ($5.00) !! lol
But I loved it...it was quite old when I bought it and I've been questioned on it's value...who knows.
As far as the glass pumpkin...I've seen them at TS and I'm sure you'll find one at a great price. Have faith! hehehe

Thanks again ladies..


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Sorry Janet1 and Candy I missed your posts while posting to Luvs & Jeanne...

janet1..Thanks for you kind a caring words...I do appreciate all you said and your MIL's words rings so true..
about 'Tomorrow'
I'm a 'Control Freak' so if things don't get done..I obsess over it - that's what does me in. I'm trying to change...I really am... I really am...I really am!
As far as helping you w/inspiration...I bet you do a dang good job on your own..You know we're our own worst critics.
Thanks again for all your meaningfull advice, and take care of you as well...

candy...thanks again for the lovely comments. I'll pass the compliment on to DH too.


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Jane, everything looks lovely on your mantel. Your box looks good up there with the plates, candles and garland. Is that a green and red pumkin on the garland? Bet it looks nice all lit up in the evenings. Neat iron basket. Did you decorate it or is this how you received it? Great buy on the Secretary and nice decorating job.

I remember your Dept 56 wagon from last year and it's wonderful for this time of year. You have some neat looking gourds in your pumkin. You made your own vine wreath? That's neat. I use to make my own evergreen wreaths years ago but never thought about making a vine wreath.

Does your DH still paint? I'm so impressed with his picture and can see why he won awards on it. I would love to see some of your sketches.

I just remembered I have the Wildlife Scenes by Churchill plates and one is a pheasant. Maybe I will get it out on display during the holidays. You are such a great bunch of enablers.

Hope your feeling better each day and thanks for sharing part 1 for fall.


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Jane, forgive me for taking the easy way out tonight (rather its 1 am here now), but I will second and ditto everything the others have said.

I loved that little wagon last year and couldn't believe the price you got it for. And your Pheasant/Wildlife plates are wonderful. But everything is! I'm glad you felt up to Fall decorating, just hope you didn't overdo.
Once you see the doc on Wed, maybe I won't worry as much.

What your first MIL said is an excellent saying, a keeper for me since I save that sort of thing.

Since you are a Control Freak...maybe you better start controlling YOURSELF. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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I really like your mantel - very simply stated and not over crowded - one can actually enjoy each piece of it. The horse drawn wagon is just special - can't believe the price - what a bargain TFS .....


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Your mantel is beautiful, I love the pheasant plates. Even your garland is grand looking, love the white lights in it. The box makes a lovely centerpiece. The rest of your decorations compliment your house very nicely. Your husband is sooooo talented, the painting is amazing.

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DH and I have been away at a tennis tournament and I missed your last post. For Pete's sake, take care of yourself! I have never been a "control freak" (read: disorganized!) but I can imagine the havoc that could wreak. I do get stressed out sometimes, and boy, when that mind kicks in it can do terrible things to us physically!

We're glad you can stay in touch with your laptop. We all love your beautiful home but we care more about YOU and that you are well and happy!

- Magpie

p.s. wish we were at least on the same coast...I could use decorating lessons.

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ahhhhhhh absolute perfection!!! When the bus gets here, will you decorate my mantle too???? I don't have those neat plates, but I do have farm scenes on red and white transfer plates....
Thank you so much for posting, and I am soooooo glad that you are feeling like joining us!
Hugs to you,

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Jane , How lovely! I like everything My favorite,tho, is the mantle. The wooden box and pheasant plates remind me of pictures I've seen in magazines. You are so talented!

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Marlene Kindred

I lurk on this forum most of the time, but fall is such a great time of year, I like to check out everyone's stuff. Your mantel decorations are gorgeous and the other fall arrangements are beautiful as well!

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That pic dh painted is amazing. My eyes automatically went to that as I scrolled through. What talent!!!
The mantel looks so pretty, as does everything else!
I am going on to look at Part 2 now!

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Jane, everythng is just beautiful ! I especially love the plates and your husbands' painting is wonderful ! I just bought a glass pumpkin that's similar to yours at Walmart for $12.00 :>( You have some marvelous items to decorate with!

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Thank you ladies for all the wonderful compliments.

Punk..the iron planter came decorated with fresh Holly & Ivy (for Christmas) and was so pretty. The little pumpkin is actually a rust and green color which went well with the color combo. DH gives painting lessons to my oldest DGS who's also very talented. Mostly now he does lots of woodworking. Please find that Pheasant Plate. I bet it's beautiful...and put it out for us to see!

Karen - Thank you..you are so funny... it was Janet's MIL who had those wise words..and they are so true. I'm looking forward to seeing the Dr tomorrow and get a clear 'Bill of Health'!

lynnencfan..I like understated too...but then sometimes I see something 'over the top' and say Wow!..but I never find myself doing the same...lol

frou..glad you liked the mantel and plates. I've been looking for those plates for awhile and found them on Ebay International at not a bad price. I'll pass the compliment on to DH.

magpie > A Tennis Tournament!! wow gal..you must be in Excellent Shape to do that!! Thanks for your caring words...
I wish we were closer too.. I think we'd enjoy helping ea other. Wish we were ALL closer..what fun and trouble!!

jay...that bus has been making 'Revving' sounds like it's getting bored and 'rarin to go'..! Just need a little more rest and I'm on my way! Gee we took a cross country camping trip once with a pop up...that would be fun doing that and visiting everyone. I definitely can see those Red Farm Transferware Plates in a mantel setting...use browns and rust tones to w/them.

nanaK...what a wonderful compliment.. 'like pictures you seen in magazines'! Now that brought a Big Smile to my face...Thank You....Glad you enjoyed everything.

marlene...thank you very much for such nice compliments.
PLEASE come out of 'lurkdom'..we ALL started out do that here..one by one we came out...me included. Everyone is so gracious and fun...If you have anything to share...we love pictures... I'll look for you ... okay

kathleen...I will let DH know you liked his painting... The (half picture) I took of it doesn't do it justice. He amazed me when he completed it - in 2 Weeks at 22 yrs old!

oreos-mom...thanks for the kind words.. That pumpkin seems to be pretty popular. Glad you were able to find one at Walmart... I hope Jeannne reads this...she's been looking for one.

thanks again everyone for looking..


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