Pictures of craftsman interior trim?

jaymieloMay 16, 2007

Does anyone have any pictures of craftsman style interior trim? I'm looking for examples of door or window casings, base moldings, crown molding, etc. I found one great link on the web Craftsman Trim that I'm considering, but several builders have told me with all the pieces, it will be expensive to fabricate and install, so I'm wondering what options I have. I'm thinking of simple rectilinear trim with butted corners, but I need some good pictures.

So... please show me your "old fashioned" trim. Any and all pictures are appreciated, even if you don't think it is necessarily "craftsman" in nature. I may just change my mind on what I want if I seem something I like and I love to look at pictures of all your beautiful homes.

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I only have one bad picture showing our trim-I took this picture to show someone the dark color my son selected for his bedroom. Our window and trim is similar to your link, except we left the top molding off (our house has a contemporary edge to it so we were keeping things simple). You pay more for materials, but the labor is less with this style of trim because there are no mitre joints, so it balances out I think. Tell your finish carpenter that our finish carpenter said it was easier to install than typical picture frame trim, however there is a lot more wood to stain and finish, so that part gets more expensive. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: trim

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I have a couple recent pics and one before paint. We decided on a very plain trim to offset the many curves in our home. It's all white and I love it.

Here's our dining nook just off my island...

Here's our GR...

Here's a close-up of a door prior to painting...

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Ours will be like Carolyn53562' kats' without the crown molding. Ours will be Douglas fir finished with Waterlox satin. For baseboard, we'll use 1 x 6...pretty plain, but hefty and elegant, I think.

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The gallery on this website has lots of interior trim ideas, many of which seem craftsman inspired.

Here is a link that might be useful: House Gallery

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Great pictures and links! Thanks so much!

kats Beautiful casings. Are you leaving the doors stained with the painted trim? I really like that look.

rhome410 I like the idea of a 1x6 for the baseboard. Are you going to rip any sort of a bevel at the top?

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soonermagic That is a great site with tons of pictures. Thanks so much. I'm getting tons of ideas...

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A Craftsman spec house I built last year.

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Thank you. Yes we are leaving the doors and jambs stained like that with the white painted trim. The 9 lites are on the outside of the dual pane glass so we could paint or stain. They're white on the exterior and a custom stain (shown in my pic) on the interior walls.

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rhome-the baseboards in my picture are 1 x 6, and I now wish that we had gone with 1 x 8. The trim around our windows is 1 x 4. We did all of our windows as individual windows so that we could use 1 x 6 trim between the windows. You can see the effect of this look when you compare our windows to brianwhite's windows. We left the top of our baseboards flat. I like the look of the square top baseboards, but it does collect dust quicker than a rounded top. Brianwhite--beautiful house!!!

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brianwhite That is a gorgeous house. I have other questions now... What brand of kitchen cabinets. We are looking for inset doors like that. Are they custom? Also, what species of wood was used? Is it all the same on the floor, cabinets and trim? I love what you did with the windows with a double hung with transom over. And the ceiling in the dining room is spectacular! Congratulations on building such a wonderful house.

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Kats-your place is SO nice looking! I bet you are starting to breathe a little easier knowing that there really is a light at the end of that tunnel. Your trim is exactly what I am planning on doing in ours!

Jaymielo-I know that there are some companies that make an 'architrave' moulding that is one piece and looks similar to kats' setup. That's the route we are going, and it really isn't that expensive, all things considered.

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fishpants I've always admired your house as well as kats. You both have such good taste. I've never heard of architrave moulding. I'll "google" the term, but you do happen to know the name of the company who is supplying your mouldings? Thank you!

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Kats - Your house is looking spectacular!

Brianwhite - Please post more pics! Beautiful!

I guess I should have looked at this thread before posting my own trim question. I'm thinking I want 1x8 like Carolyn, shoot . . .

Carolyn - My son picked out almost the same color for his room as your son. I can see it's going to look wonderful with the stained trim.

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How do you feel about this, do you think painted trim takes away from the craftsman look or is it just a variation on the theme. One thing we are seeing is in our opinion the white trim is nice with paint and then it makes wood stained features such as built ins really pop and get noticed. I love the look of painted wainscoating in bathrooms and sometimes in bedrooms, but always feel the wood is very dark and not so good in a bedroom. I think you can get away with dark in a powder room.

Trying to make a few decisions. I am under the impression that painted wood doesn't necessarily have to be oak and maybe can be cheaper? I want oak doors and oak floor and oak built ins.

Thanks for your opinion

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jea2007, Sounds like we are struggling with the same question and unfortunately I don't have a good answer for you. Initially, we thought that we would use all stained trim. It seemed like the right thing to do. But many days I would sit in my current 1930's house which has white painted trim and admire how the trim made my paint choices "pop". Then, I was at a spa that used painted trim with stained doors. I had never thought of that idea and really liked the look. I brought it up to my DH and he said "no go", so I thought we were settled. However, the other day, he told me he is reconsidering. So...

The obvious advantage to stained trim is its authenticity. I've been through a million arts and crafts restoration books and you very rarely see painted trim. Then again, epjenks has a gorgeous "old" home with painted trim and it looks great. kats is also wonderful. I like that it is airy and light and I agree that it really sets off the beauty of the stained doors and windows. I like to use strong paint colors and the combination of dark wood and paint might be too much.

Last point wrt your comment about painted trim. My understanding is that while the material cost for the painted trim might be less, the installation might be more because they have to fill the nail holes more thoroughly and maybe paint after installation. I've heard it is a wash price wise.

Let me know what you decide to do. It sounds like you are further along than us. I'll be very interested to hear what you decide and see PICTURES! :)

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jaymielo-I'll have to check the company names out today. Thanks on the house comps!

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having a hard time making decision of painting trim or staining around stained windows and doors in new craftsman home. I definitely am staining wooden w&ds but I have seen painted trim in pics and the effect is gorgeous. want to stay with historic craftsman as much as possible, but the clean lines of light painted trim has me thinking twice. Has anyone any more pics or ideas to help? I did find an antique millwork catalog in junk store with many millwork trims, etc., for craftsman homes. This has been very helpful for design of trims and much more.

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routey, I should have pictures by next week. We have everything stained and have just started painting the trim. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from my archive.

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jaymielo, you have done a wonderful job with your trim! This was my first posting to Gardenweb, and was so pleased to see your answer and pics. I would very much like to see more of your beautiful home. You have helped me to make the decision to go with painted trim, with my stained windows, and doors. We have yet to purchase interior doors. What company did you go with on the door at foot of stairs?

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Welcome! I'm glad the pictures were helpful.

I wish those pictures were of my house! They are actually just my inspiration pictures. The two with the stairs in them are an advertisement for Bob Timberlake, so I would guess the door at the bottom of the stairs is by him. The middle shot is from a B&B in the Midwest.

We are just finishing up with the painting and staining in our home. Here are a couple pictures, although nothing is 100% complete.

This is a bedroom

And this is the French door in our bedroom (missing wall paint still)

Good luck with your build! Jaymie

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jaymielo- Very nice job with the w&d trim. We are a few steps behind you on build. Trying to find interior wooden doors now. Would like to see more pics as you progress. I will do the same.

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can anybody post new/updated pics?
Can anyone also post sources for their interior doors? I love the 3 panel or 5 panel craftsman style - shown in some pics.

beautiful homes all - hoping we can get mine started this summer, and stay w/in budget - not likley, but hopeful!

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Very helpful thread.Thanks everyone for sharing your photos and info.

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brianwhite: what color stain did you use in the family room with the fireplace. it's a beautiful color.

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