Bad idea to buy a new but discontinued Bosch dishwasher?

geomegJune 28, 2012

Went shopping for appliances and found a new but discontinued Bosch dishwasher at a supposedly good price. It is in the 800 plus series and was their highest end model but has been replaced by a newer one. Is it a bad idea to buy a discontinued model? thanks

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It's not a bad idea if it was a good model before being discontinued. In this case, the 800 series is a good product, so if you get a good price, go for it. You still have the same warranty.

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Bad how? Please do not take that as snarky. It is hard to help you when we do not know what the concern is. Are you looking for re-assurance about about buying a previous year's model of anything? (Can't help you with that.) Are you worried that Bosch is now going to something radically better or at least so different that there will not be any more parts to service your DW if it needs work? (Don't worry. It will happen but not for a decade or longer.) Or are you worrying that the recent 800-series DWs might be turkeys?

If your concern is about the 800 series, generally, do a search here. I recall numbers of postings about Bosch DWs and the 800 series, specifically. If those posts do address your specific concerns, or you need something about a particular model, make a new post and include the Bosch model number in your subject line.

I just went through the research process myself. My vintage 20th-century DW died last weekend and I had to undertake the daunting task of researching replacements. Bosch DWs are regarded pretty favorably, although some people have received lemons. Consumer Reports rated the 800 series pretty highly (the main complaint being the very high prices for some of the models in the series.) My recollection is that most folks here liked the 800 series models although some had personal preferences that the Bosch layout did not satisfy. In that regard, you might want to take some dishes and pots to the store to make sure that interior layout will work for you with the pots, pans and glasses you may be putting in it. I wound up with a 500 series model and the layout of tines and baskets is different from the way things used to be arranged. The new layout is okay for me but might not work for everybody.

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Not unless there are known problems with the model in question. A product is not to be considered suspect just because it's last-year's model.

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Thanks for your replies. I wasn't too clear with my post, I apologise.
I was worried that maybe this year's model was maybe superior and that I might not be getting a great deal.

I've done the reasearch though and it seems to have all the same features as the newer model.

I never thought buying new appliances would be such an ordeal, lol!

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"I never thought buying new appliances would be such an ordeal, lol!"

Ain't that the truth!

We see so much change so fast with other technologies such as smart phones and computers. It makes us suspect or worry it will be happening with everything. But, advertising hype aside, dishwashers are pretty mature as a technology. New models are often marketing tactics and feature changes are usually trivial or cosmetic. It is not like buying a new computer workstation or laptop. Dell gives you this great price on a dual core CPU and then you find out out your new apps need a hex core CPU and twice as much RAM as the dual-core mobo will accept. Or they try to get you to buy a PowerMac right when Apple decides to drop Motorola processors and run with Intel. Or, if you are old enough to remember this, buying an old-style Chevy the month before Chevrolet came out with the small block V-8 engines. Okay, that probably marks me as really old and grumpy, but you get the idea.

So, I say, go for the close-out model as long as you get a real warranty. If the unit is bad or going to go bad, that usually happens right away. (In the electronics biz, this phenomenon is called "infant mortality.") As with any new appliance, you want a reputable seller who will replace the lemon with a good product. Doubtless you already thought of that.

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