CD/DVD drive

surya55_gwJanuary 6, 2014


I put a CD in my CD/DVD player on my laptop and it's stuck in there. It ejects but without the CD. Any ideas on how to retrieve the CD and fix it as well?


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Sounds like you may need to take the Laptop apart to get it out so we don't cause anymore damage. I think your best option is:

Take it to a local technician.


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If you are not afraid of the computer try going to Youtube and type in the make and model of your computer. Very likely there'll be a video tutorial on how to take it apart. Just pay attention to detail if you try and keep screws separated by size as you dismantle.

If you are of a nervous disposition then go the route Zep suggests.

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Oh man- this is terrible. I was hoping it would be easy and I can do it by myself. Too bad. Thanks so much anyway. Yes- I'm afraid to open it up:(

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I was thinking, what are the detailed steps I should take if I decide to open it up? Thanks again guys.

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What's the make an model #

We ask because, basically we just Google the make and model with the word dissemble in the search terms and hope to find some sort of instructions,

I don't recommend it, but we could try to find instructions and you may make a decision at that point in time.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Just for fun, you might watch this video:

If you watch it and think... "that doesn't look so bad", then probably it wouldn't be.

If on the other hand it looks scary and you don't even own a screwdriver, you might not want to even consider it.

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Nice video Chuggerguy, I like those with clear diction and no head banging music to ruin a good tutorial.

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Great tutorial! Thx for recommending it Chuggerguy. Zep, it's HPg60 series, I googled it and found out how to remove and replace it. Owbist, I will try to keep all screws nicely separated. I'll TRY to do it by myself. I'll come back and let you all know the outcome. Thx again all. Great group of people.

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