dacor oven and microwave are terrible applicances - do not purcha

RBlanJune 1, 2014

I purchased a Dacor DO130 and a Dacor microwave and they are both AWFUL. The oven is broken and is less than a year old. The microwave has fewer features than the Kenmore Elite I had before. I could list on and on the things that are terrible about these appliances, I just want to keep others from making the same mistake I did. I didn't do enough research before I purchased, was in a hurry and just bought them. I thought ovens usually lasted for years and were pretty much the same in quality and value. I leared my lesson the hard way. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM DACOR If someone would like the problems listed out I can do that in future posts - just let me know.

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The oven should be under warranty. Dacor bought my appliances back because they could not fix them.

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The Dacor MW is made by Sharp. If you don't like the MW, blame Sharp.

I actually have a 10-year-old Dacor all-gas range, and it has not had a moment of trouble in 10 years. But I understand that appliances today are not made they way they used to. If Dacor won't replace your wall oven under warranty, you can search this forum for recommendations for other wall ovens. But from posts on this forum, it is difficult to find a wall oven that is problem-free. I think Bosch is one of the good ones. Also, people used to say the Wolf wall oven is the gold standard, but it has had problems lately with chipping on the interiors. DCS is also a good brand for you to look into as a replacement.

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Actually, all he said about the microwave was it has fewer features than his other one. Doesn't fall on Sharp. (Or on Dacor, frankly, because if he'd bothered to look, he'd have known about the features)

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Okay, and how was Dacor's response? Did you even contact them? All appliances break, sometimes even in the first year, and what sets manufacturers apart is how they deal with the problems, not whether they have problems or not. If Dacor blew you off and refused to honor the warranty, now THAT would be something to post about, but I'd think if that happened you would have mentioned it. With the way your post is now, you could insert any other brand in the place of Dacor.

Also, please do list the things that you don't like about the appliances. If you are going to call them "terrible" you might as well go into more detail and help out people who are considering buying them in the future.

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Sjhockeyfan - good point. I'd also like to know which features the OP felt were missing in the Dacor/Sharp MW. All the MWs I've seen these days are so loaded with features and functions, even the cheapest ones, that I cannot imagine what could be missing from the one the OP has. You can find a $100 countertop MW and it seems to have everything. I am going to assume the OP is talking about the Dacor DMW2420S, because s/he did not mention convection, and the DMW2420S is the one Dacor offers without convection. According to the description, it looks loaded.

I wonder if we will even hear from the OP again. I find a pattern in the posters who blow in, have their very first post on the day they sign up to be a rant, but a rant without a lot of detail, and then never return.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dacor MW DMW2420S

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This post and the appliance mania post may have been written by the same person.

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