kath and candy, we went ts shopping! woohoo

christmascandyOctober 10, 2010

Hi y'all,

I met Maximavswife(?did I get that right?) yesterday! We met to do a little Thrift Store shopping at one of my fav ARC's.

Her name is Kath, and she is just the most fun, positive person!! We had a great time shopping for treasures and she totally understands my method that TS shopping requires time and revisiting the shelves, because one spies different treasures each time! We each came away with a number of treasures, including the witch hats I used on my carriage lights!

And, you'll never believe this, we even talked each other out of buying a couple of things! LOL

Then we went to a local mexican restaurant for lunch and some getting to know each other gabbing! We have a lot in common and just had the most fun time.

We had the hostess take our pictures and my view has a large painting behind us that makes it looks as if we have stuff growing out of our heads, LOL

Oh well, I am the taller one with the black outfit covered with pumpkins, (of course!) and Kath is the shorter, perky blond.

It was a really fun day, and we will definitely do it again!



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Oh boy, that is so-o-o cool! Yeah, candy, I know maximavswife from the Garden Junk forum! She makes some really wonderful totems! So good to see you two! And, what fun...shopping & talking (& eating, too)...couldn't get any better! TFS, candy! Jeanne S. What does ARC stand for again (thrift shopping, I know).

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Golly, isn't it fun to really meet a fellow Holiday Forum poster! Hearing about your great day makes me wish more than ever that we can someday ride that big forum bus.

Glad you posted your picture. I hope Karen puts it in the gallery that she's started. It's fun to put faces with names.

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Here is the link to the Garden Junk board. The people there are just as nice as the ones here.


Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Junk

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Well if this isn't a wonderful surprise. So happy for both of you. Made me LOL "we even talked each other out of buying a couple of things". Please tell us more about that.

So glad you found each other, went shopping and had lunch together. You both look beautiful and I love it that you had your picture taken for us. I'm sure Karen won't miss this one for the album.


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ARC is Association for Retarded Citizens. Their thrift stores are all over Colorado, and I know the locations of quite a few of them, LOL.

OA, maybe we should plan a get-away weekend for forum members? If we started like a year in advance, maybe it would allow enough time for everyone to make plans. I would suggest someplace easy to get to like Las Vegas, except I would rather go thrift store shopping than gamble, LOL!! And then, how would we possibly get everything home? Maybe a spa weekend would be a possibility?

Thanks for the link. I really enjoy looking at all the posts.


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Hey. I'm OK with Vegas. I don't gamble, but I'd love to take in a show as well as doing a little bit of Thrifty Shopping.

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I'm THRILLED to SEE both of you, and its a definite for our family album!
I'm also so excited you two got to meet in real life and fun shopping and lunch. That is sooooo neat. (but you talked each other OUT OF buying some stuff? Huh?? LOL)
I can't wait to see the goodies, and its so great you have a lot in common and now a new friendship has blossomed.

Vegas....how about Phoenix? LOL. Since I can't leave home, and there sure is plenty of shopping here.

What a great day you girls had, that is so wonderful.
hugs, Karen

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So glad to 'meet' you both now I will be able to see your faces each time you post!
You both look so sweet and friendly and 'Fun' to be with, especially shopping. Now I'm impressed that you actually talked ea other out of buying something...that's a beginning of a great friendship indeed!

Hope we get to see what you bought..you know the rules here...pictures please!

Oh btw..if there's plans for a 'Group Gathering'...please make it somewhere where I don't have to fly! lol


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Well Jane, since you don't want to fly, I guess you better fuel the bus and start your pickup route! If not, maybe a sleep over at your house.LOL


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I already posted on Kath's other post, but will just say that the two of you look just a happy and friendly as I would expect from your posts on here. How fun to get to meet up and shop, isn't it great how you almost feel as if you know each other just from having read each other's posts? Now take pics of your goodies, I can't wait to see. And tell us about what you talked each other out of too--that should be a fun story. Luvs

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I found the witch hats and put them on the outside carriage lights on my garage, that is a separate post.

The little witch with the wooden legs/feet is on my country Halloween grouping post.

The 2 light up Jack O'Lanterns will be in a future post, they are still a work in progress.

Some faux suede sage green napkins & matching placemats, and some brown/black placemats will be in tablescapes.

A little house for the fairy garden, and a Johnson Bros. Christmas plate.

Some fall leaves are going to work with the Jack O'L's.

A cute sign that is 3 pumpkin shapes and each has a letter = E E K.

5 little Halloween tealights in a pkg. The shapes are standing up from the tealight base = 2 ghosts, a black cat, a bat/moon, and a jack o'lantern.

Kath helped me decide to put back 2 fall pillows that had leaf shapes appliqued on them and I helped her decide that a fall picture looked too faded.

See what good influences we were on each other!! LOL


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What fun Candy and Kath must have had. I have a question--how did you even meet or find out you were in the same vicinity?

I have decided I definitely need an in-person enabler to help me strip the TS's and sales. None of this "putting stuff back on the shelves" stuff (LOL)!

Slinky, I'm with you--I don't fly. Maybe when we visit So California I'll give OA and Luvs a holler!

- Magpie

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Candy & I frequent some of the same message boards and she noticed we both live in Colorado. She sent me an email asking if I would like to meet for lunch. I responded with a Heck No I did not want to meet for lunch! I wanted to meet to thrift shop and learn her techniques! LOL! After much back and forth trying to find a good day and place, we agreed to this past Saturday. It was just too much fun and I am looking forward to doing it again soon! We will have to try another good ARC Thrift that we both know of on the south side of town. So, lesson learned? If you see a member that lives in your state, try emailing to see if they are game to getting together. Worth a shot and who knows, you could be so very lucky to have made a new friend.


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Magpie, when you make it to So. Calif. I'd love it if you let me and OA know, so we can meet up. So far, I've met three forum buddies and it's so fun meeting up with kindred spirits.

Candy, it sounds like you immediately knew just how you could use each find. I like to do that too--so it doesn't just end up in my already too full storage shed. I'll look forward to seeing your other finds in future posts.


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How cool that you two were able to meet and do what you love best - THRIFT SHOP!!!! Over on a Gardening forum on Garden Web a group of us have a plant swap twice a year along with a pot luck picnic - it is so much fun to share with fellow posters and to put real faces on names. I am also involved with a group on a racing forum that have been meeting for the past 7 years for a weekend in June. We have involved whole families and the kids have become friends and stay in touch via FB. That group has had 10 states, England and Canada represented. Maybe we ought to try it for that BIG yard sale that happens in the mid-west every year :D - what fun that would be.

Thanks for sharing your day with us .....


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That sounds like so much fun! It is great to see both of you!

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