Halloween Trouble or 'Trouble' is in Trouble

PurplemoonOctober 18, 2010

Jazz Trouble decided being good was no fun I guess....

Yesterday I decided to put my new Black Cat Birdcage on the end table with the other black stuff. I moved the ravens birdcage to the front (and removed the framed picture) and put the new cage where it was on the right. It looked pretty good there I thought. I,of course, did this when Jazz was asleep in another room so he wouldn't notice. (But nothing new escapes him so that is a waste of effort on my part.) Anyway, he didn't notice it at all...

Till after midnight, when I heard a crash! I was in my den so no idea 'what or where'. Then I noticed it was

missing. He'd been determined to get the feathered owl that came with the Black Cat birdcage and knocked it off the back of table, where it crashed into my floor lamp base. No damage, except a slightly upside down owl. I told Jazz what I thought of him, and removed the new birdcage to the garage for the rest of the night

so it would get off his mind. This is the table before I added the new piece so you know what I'm talking

about. Now please note there are THREE ravens that COULD be stalked by him. The two with the little birdcage are the feathered Dollar Tree ones. The one on top of the black lighted pumpkin is a better one, with sparkles, from Michaels. He's left them alone to my total amazement.

So WHY, when I got up this morning, was my really neat, wood type, beautiful Raven in the middle of the family-room floor? The raven I specifically put UP on a candle holder UP on the fireplace mantel!!

The 'nest' was all over the carpet and the raven had lost the end of his tail. :o( I put him and the nest stuff back, and probably no one will notice his tail mishap. I haven't even found the broken piece yet, but it won't glue back on I'm sure. Here's where Jazz had to launch his attack....

and my poor beautiful raven when I first bought him.

With his pretty little tail.

Karen who's NOT happy with 'Trouble' today.

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Karen, it's so not funny...but I can't help but laugh picturing Jazz launching himself off the mantle. I bet he was thinking, "she's gone...YOU'RE MINE NOW!"

I do hope you can find your poor raven's tail and somehow fix it.

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How in the world did he get up on the mantel. And how did he only get your raven and not knock off some of the other items? Trouble must be one agile and graceful cat! So sorry for your problems. ;o(


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Yep, he's extremely agile and to him "the higher the better". He's also very graceful, so rarely breaks anything now he's an adult. I guess there's some good in his mischievious little self. LOL.
His expression when I yell "Jazz" OR "Trouble" is priceless. He looks at me with this sort of sarcastic
"What?" expression. Such a brat.
Hope the Halloween birds and me survive the rest of the month. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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This was such a funny 'happening' with Jazz.
When I was reading about the Raven on the Mantel, I knew exactly which one you meant..because I really liked that one and remember when you got it. I was also wondering how in the world did he do that and like Luvs said..w/o disturbing anything else up there.
You almost need those surveillance cameras to keep an eye on him...or at least a 'motion detector' !
I've actually seen video on YouTube where people use the hidden cameras to see what their pets do when they're gone..lots of funny stuff that goes on -
Can you imagine Jazz ??


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LOL, PM! Jazz is quite the cat! (I don't do cats...only dogs, so can't speak from personal experience)...but I get a good chuckle when I read about these cute little critters! My good friend has 2 that "rules" her decor. LOL! She loves 'em ...like you, my Holiday friend! TFS this story! Cute! (love the "time-out" pic) Jeanne S.

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..."or at least a 'motion detector' !"

Jane, are you kidding? A motion detector would lose its tiny little battery-operated mind trying to keep up with Jazz. LOL.
I found some of the nesting material in the bathroom, and the kitchen. But still no sign of the raven's tail tip.

Some folks get frazzled, but around here I think I just get "jazzled".
hugs, Karen

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And Jazz isn't even black! I would expect a black cat to feel a bit displaced with all the black ravens around & I think there is also a black cat on the cage. Jazz thought he was just about to get kicked out & he sure let you know it, must have sat & planned his devilish deed for some time! That's what I would have like to have seen on tape!!All the plotting before he pounced!!Jan

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Sorry. But I don't know what he did wrong. You see, kitties can do no wrong in my book, so if he ever needs a good lawyer, I'll be right there to defend him.

(I love the time out picture with the Thought Bubble.)

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Don't you just wonder what he'll be up to next?

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Ahhhhhhh the life of a kitty cat...
Posie must be his sister; we have some of the same funny stories. (Funny AFTER the fact!!!!)
Hugs to you, and a scritch for Jazzy,

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Karen, are you sure it was Jazz? Let's do a little more detective work before letting (Trouble) be wrongfully accused. That Jazz is quite the kitty and yet soooooo loved by all of us, not sure he would be capable of this. As Luvs said I'm sure there would be more clues left behind if it was him.LMBO

OA, I think Jazz will need you! Pack the suitcase now. You can use the last picture to show how well behaved he is at trial. We won't tell anyone he's real name is Trouble with a capital T.

Now that I had a good laugh, will go do dishes. You are all so funny here.


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Cats :: the headache of all decorators. LOL
Bless him, he's just trying to remind you that all things must pass his inspection in order to be there.

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