ice maker woes

thomisJune 26, 2013

Hello friends,
I have a Kenmore side by side.
Date of manufacture Nov. 2000
Model 106.50264992

The ice cubes are often hollow and broken. The ice in the bin clumps up and freezes together causing a mess of a jam. A couple times a month I have to remove the bin and take it outside to thaw a huge chunk of broken cubes froze together. Very frustrating. Any advice?

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Check the door seals. My parents had a similar issue - at least the melting/clumping portion - in their LG FD and on his second visit for the same problem the repair tech ordered a new seal. I was skeptical but it did resolve the issue.

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We found the hollow ice cubes to be from a plugged or slightly plugged up water line going into the ice maker. We had a small ice jam near the back now and then. Cleaning out or getting a new water line should be a quick fix. Our refrigerator is a GE side by side...about the same age as yours.

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If you have water on the door, how is the flow? We had the same issue as grandma, plugged filter. We were getting small cubes. Replaced 8 year old filter, all is good.

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You might go to this site, go to the refrigerator forum and search around. I did a search on hollow ice, and found that link, but it was pretty detailed as to the fix , but a lot was over my head. Here is another post

The suggestions include low water pressure either due to a saddle tap, or clogged water filter, or the temp is too cold,

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance repair forum

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Yes, the water in the door is slow coming out also...indicating semi plugged water line/filter in water going into ice maker.

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