Two members meet!

maximavswifeOctober 10, 2010

I was so very lucky yesterday! I got to meet, in real life, our beloved fellow poster Christmas Candy today! She gave up her Saturday golf game and we met at one of her favorite shopping haunts, ARC Thrift Store, and spent some quality time scouring the shelves for thrifty finds. We then traveled to a great Mexican establishment for a leisurely lunch. Ladies and gents let me tell you, Candy is just as awesome and genuine in person as she comes across here on the board. It was so nice to be able to talk decor and tablescapping with a kindred spirit. I t was also great to learn her shopping techniques as we all know she is one of the best at finding the best stuff! We both came home with special goodies! I am so looking forward to more adventures with Candy! We had the hostess take pictures of us which I hope I can figure out how to post here. Candy is the striking brunette on the left. Okay I can't remember how to post a picture here so I have provided a link to my photobucket where you will find the picture of us.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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TOO Funny!
We were posting at the same time, only I took longer, LOL
Well, the members here will get a double dose of our shopping day!!

As I said in my post, it was a great day and we will definitely do it again!


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maxi ... I just posted on Candy's! So cool that you two got to meet & spend time tog shopping! I'm remembering you from GJ site ...your totems & that cool potting table. Looking forward to seeing you here...I'm sure I have but my memory fails me...I started posting on here about a yr ago now this Fall. TFS your day! Jeanne S.

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This is so funny that you both posted at about the same time. The only thing that would of been better is if all of us could of joined your party. Now where's all your goodies you found? Sounds like you'll be doing this again and again. Sounds like both of you truly enjoyed your time together!


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You two must be kindred spirits, LOL, posting at same time about your day. Fun and funny.

Kath, you're right about being lucky to have gotten to meet Candy and find a new real life friend you can see and shop with. And up a golf day, WOW, I'm impressed. My DH wouldn't do that. LOL.

I'm glad some of the GJ gang is now dropping in here to join us. That Forum also has so many warm, caring, and wonderful folks. I have been missing in action there this past summer and not doing any yard stuff. Tho I lurk and keep tabs on everyone, especially the Conversation side. I just couldn't get going on making stuff this year. :o(

hugs, Karen

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This was a special treat to read, and finally
add faces to both of you!
How special for both of you to meet IRL!
Sounds like you had a grand day enjoying ea others company and Shopping!
Like Punk said, wish we could have joined you.


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How fun! Know you both enjoyed meeting--it is so fun to put a face with the names. Can't wait to see the treasures both of you found too. I'm thrilled that you two were able to meet up. Luvs

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