'Guardian Angel Day' - Oct 2nd Tablescape (pic heavy)

jeannespinesOctober 2, 2010

I picked "Guardian Angel Day" from Purplemoon's Oct holiday list & did a t'scape today...been wanting to do a B&W one ...so I had alot of fun doing this one! Bear with me any imperfections as I am learning! One thing I learned this week (from kathleen, I think) is BIN ..."blade knife in." Sunlight is streaming in thru the sliding doors on this porch table:

The octagon shaped black plates I purchased at GW this summer for $1 ea & also a set of 4 salad bowls for same price...says "France" on backsides. The Spode bread plates I got at a TS about a yr ago when I got hooked on the Holiday Forum....love 'em. The white plate is Pier I I've used in other t'scapes. Here's a close-up:

Silverware is Hampton Oslo Hammered (discont) ...I only have 2 place settings & am constantly on the look-out for more!

Here's a fuller view of the t'scape...the t'cloth is fabric I purchased at HLobby on sale $5 yd...the print called to me cause of the Spode plates...2 yards didn't cover my table...I am going to make napkins & place mats with the fabric later. Glassware is very old ... gifted to me by my Mom yrs ago who saved it for me in cedar chest).. I've broken some & tried to replace...ahhh, that's another story for later...I rattle on.

The flowers are hyrdrangea's from my gardens....they change colors & are in the drying stage now...white ceramic pitcher I made my G'ma in the 70's & she gifted it back long ago. Salt & pepper shakers a wedding gift for DH & myself:

The framed works I took from my wall in computer/craft room...it's a gift from my sis & I filled it with fav family pics I printed in B&W. Here's a closer view of S&P & framed prints:

I based this "Guardian Angel" holiday with this statue in mind...I keep it close to my heart...I gifted this to my Mom when she was very sick:

Guardian Angels...family, friends & His hands to lift you up. Here's the last pic...full view of the table...too much sunlight filtering in...but who doesn't LOVE the sun! TFLookin' ... Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, your table is awesome. To start, I love your table cloth and it is beautiful with your dishes and the ray of sunshine coming in gives a peace within. The stemware from DM makes this table more meaningful. Quit breaking them for goodness sakes. S & P goes so well on this table too.

Your frame works from DSis with all your black and white pictures is priceless. Enjoyed your hyrdrangea's in the vase, they are at a wonderful stage.

I truly love the precious "Guardian Angel" statue with the praying hands. Job WELL DONE on your table and your chairs even go with your B & W themed table! It just took my breath away. Thank you for letting your talent shine on.


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Gosh, Jeanne. Once again you've created something that not only acts as a treat for the eyes, but acts as a "warmer" for the heart. I love every aspect of this table. It's down right gorgeous. And your stories that are attached to the various pieces make me wish I knew you better! Maybe someday we will all get on that bus.

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It's almost like a beautiful vignette on back of table & then the two settings in front, clever idea & it works perfectly!

I always do mine in the center, but with 6 for dinner every nite, I need all the seating clear, would love to do one at one end of the table, I've seen that also.

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I agree this table captures many feelings.
It's so lovely to look at and I loved reading
the stories attached to the many pieces as well.
I love how you layered your plates..they work so well together especially with that beautiful fabric.
The little Guardian Angel is lovely, and I'm sure is a very treasured piece..
I would handle those stems 'Very Carefully' they are not
only lovely, but also priceless!


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Thanks punk, OA & yachter for your gracious comments.

First, punk...the t'cloth isn't actually one...wasn't big enough but it will make beautiful napkins & placemats...it's cotton & I love the pattern. The black fabric is extra material from shortening swag curtains...worked out nice for centerpc & also covers up the "Sorry" game for the frame to sit on. LOL!

yachter...yup, I just need a table for two altho my original plan was to set it for 4...thank you..this porch table seats 6...piano bench is on backside for 2 GK's, usually.

OA...thank you, sweet woman, you're a woman after my own heart...I think we may have been friends in another life! LOL! The pics I put tog about 3 yrs ago...GK's have grown!

I did get one matching goblet with black base that day for $1.50 but that's all I could find that was probably part of this France set of plates...it's behind the S&P shaker but blends into the fabric.

And the white napkins I played & played with because they are not the best sewn ones in the world! My DS-I-L brought them home from Iraq along with a t'cloth for Christmas a few yrs back. I did like them better after adding those "silverware" napkin rings.

I took the liberty of "not" being perfect (that's easy enough for me!) by switching the bread plate & salad bowls' positions! Thanks again, holiday-ers! What fun! Jeanne S.

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So well thought out. Your angel statue is perfect and I would say the angels were shining on your table with those beautiful rays "spotlighting" your work.

Beautiful and breathtaking.

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I enjoyed the tablescape you put together too Jeanne, and I always love your commentary about each piece and why you chose to use them. Lovely plates, and you sure got the black ones for a good price. What a sweet little angel, I'm sure that was very special to your Mom and now to you. Love all the pictures too, what a perfect way to display them in that neat frame. Luvs

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Thank you, luvs & candy...me thinks me talks too much sometimes! I'm just enjoying this forum so much & learning something new every day...note to self: must not ramble so much & must work on napkin skills! And learn about goblets & wine glasses...what are the two I've displayed? They probably should have switched spots on the table. I've used the small ones for desserts...would the large one qualify as a water glass???? Don't know much about this. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, What a lovely lovely table. You did such a wonderful with the place settings, I love your guardian Angel. I think adding you family photos makes your table that much more special.

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Jeanne, thanks for the reminder! I remember reading it wasn't a tablecloth but I still love it with your dishes. It would make beautiful napkins & placemats. It's hard for me to stay focused when I start typing.LOL


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jane...I missed you...must have posted at same time. Thank you...the "stems" (glassware) got broke in a moving process yrs ago & stuck up the tipsy-top kitchen cupboards ...I was not careful enough...ugh! ...and didn't have the appreciation for them as I do now!

A few yrs back I got so excited cause while browsing an antique store on lunch break from work (with friends) I spotted the same stems ...or so I thought & I bought them because they had the same star on etched in the bottoms...so here are the 2 diff patterns I have...they weren't the same "stems!" Ughhh...so now I don't know the ID of either one:

Here's the ones from my Mom (I think):

Tried to take evening pic of table last night:

Does anyone know about these "stems?" I do have an elegant glassware book ...still looking for ID. Thanks! Jeanne S. ...thanks, nana, for your comments, too! Appreciated!

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Jeanne, that is just beautiful! It looks "heavenly", really!
The star on the glasses looks like the Star of David. I have never seen glasses like that.
Yes, BIN! :) My gkids remember now!
Lovely table and sentiments! We all need a Guardian Angel.
I remember a little prayer we used to say when I was young. Still applies.

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Its simply beautiful, Jeanne. (and you do NOT talk too much. Your posts are a total joy and I'm thrilled you are part of our family here.)
I am thinking you must be a professional photographer in your 'secret life'. LOL.
You take the most amazing pictures! Half the time I want to print them out to frame! Or go make myself a Kodak calendar with them...LOL, now that would be a great idea!!

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Thanks Kathleen for your comments & sending me that GA poem...precious.

Purplemoon...thanks, too...LOL about my rattling on ...I am happy that you enjoy my pics ...I soften the edges lots of times & I pick & choose from pics I take for my cards. So you made my day with your compliments! And I am enjoying all the "Enablers R Us" on this "family" forum! Jeanne S.

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Those first pictures are beautiful and so peacefilled! I really would like to just look at them...somehow they are very calming. Maybe I need to put one on my desktop...would that be alright with you???
Thank you so much for posting your lovely table setting.

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Heavens, yes, jaybird! I'd love to have a pic on your desktop! This is the one I have on my desktop...it's a fav of cardinals feeding. Thanks for your comments! Jeanne S.

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There's nothing left that everyone else hasn't said. The whole table is lovely. Great job. I'am always behind on commenting on posts on Monday, because DH and I made an agreement that we will not spend time on the computer on the weekends, we really do get a lot more done that way. But I miss commenting on all the great posts.

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What a lovely table, Jeanne! I actually think that the sunlight streaming in on it just adds to the Guardian-Angels-watching-over-you feel of the table. Love your black & white dishes and how the fabric draping the table enhances the mood. You angel statue and family pics make it very personal, too. BIG congrats!!

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