How can I remove mildew from travertine?

debbie1000June 7, 2010

I used oxyclean for my porcelain shower tiles and it removes the mildew well. I do have some travertine trim around the niche and also on the shower bench and the oxyclean won't remove it.

I saw that I should not use vinegar. There are a couple sites that have their own product but I was looking for something that I could run out to Home Depot, etc and buy.

Or, if I was really careful, would bleach work? It is just a small amount of thin trim and I could really just use a Q-tip in bleach if that would work and would not dissolve the travertine. Thanks!

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Is the travertine sealed?

Is there any chance that the mildew or staining is "behind" the sealer, ie, "inside" the tile?

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I don't know if it was ever sealed. We had it remodeled five years ago. We have terrible water, ventilation issues/very humid area and well, I have not been as vigilant as I should be in catching the mildew early.

I have seen threads about the staining coming from inside and even asked my husband today. He said everything was done properly behind the travertine.

The porcelain has cleaned up nicely. I just did everything today and was going to seal it tomorrow. I could seal just the porcelain and not the travertine while still trying to get the mildew off of it.

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