Puzzling over bathroom sink drain

ccarrollJune 1, 2013

Should all bathroom sinks have their plugs removable?

My bathroom sink is clogged, and I'm pretty positive that it's just hair, and that if I could pull up the plug, I could solve the problem without a snake or drain cleaner. But even though I've beeen rooting around below, I can't free up the plug! Shouldn't it be removable?

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There should be a plunger rod that moves the drain stopper up and down. The link below tells how to remove the stopper.

There is also a great product the removes hair from the drain without removing the stopper. It is called Zip It. Check it out on zipitclean.com You should be able to find it at local or big box hardware store.

Here is a link that might be useful: removing drain stopper

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Thank you, BadgerGal - and I love that handle.

I'll check out the Zip It, and xerox the instructions. I think I just thought the plug would easily unhook.

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