Granddaughters Halloween

yachter123October 3, 2010

Most of the items she picked out herself at garage sales.

The metal witch, the plates, the tree, the candles, the shoe & a few items she picked out from my collection.

The chest in the bay window is also from that estate sale, I took her after school to the sale & she picked it out, the decorated hay bale is from another sale where the lady had all things from the Chicago Merchandise Mart (samples)& the weird witches on the island are also from there.

The picture in the bay window is a card & frame from DT, that she made herself.

This is the odd plate, after she found one broken, so she put it on the kitchen counter in a plate stand.

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I'm beyond impressed with her decorating. And all the wonderful things she assembled. That chest is really a treasure, and she decorated it beautifully!
Tell her if she wants to come to Phoenix and hire out her decorating skills, I could sure use her here!
What a DG you've got!
(and I have a feeling you are bursting with pride!)

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Wow!! Not only is she good...she's Great!
She has such a sense of style & design... I see a designer in the making!
I love what she selected for the table and how she set it all up.
The bay window display is so cute and her card came out adorable....I would buy one like that if I saw it.
Cute island display. I can see her liking those 'weird witches'... Also, very clever use of the broken plate. She's a 'Thinker/Problem Solver!
Please give her my compliments for a job well done..
and tell her she's welcome to join us anytime with more of her creations..
Yachter..since she likes TS...just a friendly tip...
Don't give her a basket to fill with things she likes at TSs
Eastman's Dtr (Eastman/Kodak) started that way...
They would take her shopping and give her a basket to fill with what she she got older she learned to get a much bigger basket (more things) to fit in there.
By the time she was a mature woman she had a shopping obsession. People would groan when she came to she would buy up almost everything there. A true 'Shopaholic'. Upon her death, there were hundrends of
unopened crates of things she purchased and never used.... Now...this is not to say that's what's going to happen to your DGdtr!! LOL :)

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You two have some beautiful decorations here. The table is so cheerfully decorated. The bay window is perfect the way it's done and it's great that she came up with the card in the frame for it. Sad that one of the cute owl plates was broken but looks great the way she put it together with the neat candle holder and cups.

Cute tree, witches and what did the spider catch? Tell her we love all her decorations and will be looking forward to her next one. It's so great that you two love to shop and decorate together. Your a great gma and she will love you forever.


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What a HAPPY halloween table ! Those pumpkin plates are a riot. I love how she decorated the little trunk in the Bay window display. She picked the perfect frame for her picture. no one would know the owl plate is broken it looks just right with the candle holder and mugs. The display on the island is great. I love the witches. Yachter your DGD is very talented. It is wonderful that she shares your love of decorating! How old is she?

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LOL at those wonderful "eyeball" plates! What a fun table for Halloween! And I am loving the "masked teddy bear" print that she chose to frame. That chest is a good find by your GD at the will be fun for many holidays! Lucky you, yachter, to share these projects with your GD & vice-versa! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Two weeks ago on a Friday, the two youngest had a half day of school.

I took them to garage sales, she picked out the mugs, found them herself at the sale, then she fell in love with the pumpkin plates with the big eyeballs.

She arranged it all, went thru my things & picked out what she needed to fill in. Yes, the spider attacking the skull was all her idea too.

She is catching on very quickly & loves doing it, she isn't into sports so this is a good creative outlet for her & we can share it together.

Thanks so much for all the nice comments, she will be thrilled when she reads them! Karen, the chest was $4 at the estate sale where I got my larger one. I took GD to the sale after school & she picked out that chest for herself!

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What fun things to do with DGD. She is certainly following in your fantastic foot prints. She will always remember these great times. I love the eyeball plates too.

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You are such a cool grandma, Yachter! I love how you encourage your grandkids to create and use their imaginations. Your GD's decorating is wonderful for an adult, let alone a kid! BIG congratulations to her! I love the big-eyed plates she chose and think her Halloween chest is such a great idea! I think she definitely takes after her grandma in her creativity.

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I totally agree with everyone's comments. Those eyeball plates are fantastic, and I'll bet her brothers love them! I think the candleholders and witches are so fun, love the colors on them. She certainly did a nice job of selecting the items and displaying them so well. Bet she loves going shopping with you--and selecting things from your collected items as well. You are a fun Grandma, and it's wonderful the two of you enjoy doing this together.


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That granddaughter of yours has a very good eye. I love her choices.

And what great memories you are creating!

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I think you can relax now and just let DGD decorate! She's got a great eye, and under your tutelage it'll just get better. And Jane, I think it's too late--if she's that good picking out all these wonderful things NOW, just think of the space she'll need in her own home!

BTW, who gets to store all this wonderful stuff (always my concern).

- Magpie (who's running out of storage space AGAIN)

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