Help with updated floor plan - Summerfield can you help?

auroraborelisMay 25, 2012

After getting a first few rounds of feedback and thinking long and hard about what we are looking for we have made a few modifications to our plan and I'm looking to all of you for advice!

What we are looking for in our house? Well, a 3 bedroom + office 3200 sq ft-ish great room floor plan with some seperation between the kitchen and living areas, however in a way that still keeps it all open.

After looking at many homes we have decided that we love the layout of our plan, with the kitchen in the front, and the dining room and living rooom in the back. For an example of a floor plan with a similar set up have a look at this home tour: (only the kitchen/dining/living area is similar and it is a touch smaller)

So, here is the plan:

The stairs at the far end lead up to a bonus room and eventually, another bathroom and bedroom, the stairs down lead to a utility room, media room, and wine cellar. The bonus room will many be for our kid(s) (I'm currently pregnant with our first) and the media room will be a high end theatre room - someday! :) ha I know it is under the kids rooms and we have to walk by those rooms to get to it, but due to the stairs up needing to be at that end of the house we couldn't come up with a better solution.

In the kitchen we will have a portion of the island drop down to regular counter height to make it easier for kids to eat in the kitchen (and not have to sit on bar stools)!

Oh, and the garden outside the master bath is a small walled garden so when you are sitting in your tub it looks like a tropical garden out the window. Just a small thing I saw once and always wanted!

Here are some inspiration photos for our main room:

traditional dining room design by photographer Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

traditional dining room design by orange county design-build Spinnaker Development

Specific questions

- Can any of you see a way to move the closet in the bedroom close to the stairs so it isn't behind the staircase? I would love to put windows in the stair case.

- I'd love help with the masterbath layout!

- Anything else I'm missing?

- I don't want a covered patio over the back of the great room/dining, however I do need an outdoor cooking/dining space nearby. Any suggestions on how to make this work?

- Anything else to help with the flow?

Oh, and here is our front elevation inspiration (only now with the garage facing forwards, though we are flexible on that:

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Hi Laura! Nice to see you back :)

I like your exterior picture...very pretty! As for the layout, I think having the pool bathroom by the office makes a lot of sense. Then, kids, guests, etc. aren't cutting through your bedroom, to use your bathroom!

As for the rest of the layout, I'd offer just a few small changes. Maybe have both kids' bedrooms be the if one has a private bathroom the other does, too. Less fighting as they get older! LOL Can you bump out the other bathroom, so they're both even?

Also, I would think about switching the stairs (L shaped) and laundry, which would place your media room (which can be noisy) under the living room, not the bedrooms. The stairs up would be off the main hall, going up over the garage...and the stairs down would be by the garage door and would go down to your basement spaces. I added a powder room in this area too.

And you'd have a window in the laundry area (always a nice feature) and it's big enough, you could have a laundry/mudroom combination, if needed.

Maybe something like this? From Cottage house plans

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Interesting idea! It may work, and I love that it it moves the media room out from under the bedrooms.

It does create two new issues though! First we do need a full bath at that end of the house with access from the hall for guests staying upstairs or downstairs (nieces and nephews who would sleep on the sofa/air mattress), so I would probably not add the 1/2 bath and just have one full bath in the hallway. If we decide to have a second child one can go outside his/her room and still have their own bath 99% of the time.

The second is that it puts a squeeze on the space for my hallway mud from style cabinets so I'll have to rethink how it all fits together.

Thanks for drawing it out! It is truly a really great idea!

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Oh, I have the same thing with my upstairs space...although I'm thinking about putting at least a powder room. It is nice to have easy access to the shower!

Do you mean 'cubbies' along the hall, by the garage? That would look nice, but maybe you could incorporate them into the bigger laundry room? I've seen some great 'project/craft' rooms that have laundry, sewing, crafts, mudroom cubbies, a sink, lots of storage and usually at least one big window. Maybe even a door to the outside there, so you wouldn't have to go through the garage to get to the mudroom?

Another question I do you plan to use your backyard space? I know you want a pool and an outdoor (covered) BBQ area, but I asssume you also want outdoor dining, maybe a fire pit, some grass, a garden, a play area? Is the pool going to be behind the master bedroom, by the pool bath? Do you want the BBQ area off the first bedroom, with maybe a dining area there, too? Do you picture the play area outside the living room (so you can see the kid(s) from the kitchen/dining area...or more off their bedrooms? It would help to know what you want and more or less where you'd like to locate them :)

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Well, the pool will likely be centered behind the great room, but a fair ways from the house. We need a place for grilling near the dining room with some seating, but the larger outdoor living/dining will be near the pool and away from the house.

As for the play area, we will fit it whereever it works! :)

You are right about the laundry room, that will work. And we may make the space for the powder a desk area and swap the closet and bath in one bedroom so you enter it from the hallway!

I think you just brought it all together quite well! Thanks!

I am still uncertain about the master bath layout, but overall I am feeling much better! I am hoping to work out the last few details over the weekend and send it off to the drafter Monday!

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Forgot about the master are a few suggestions, but I'm sure Summerfield will come up with some great ideas! From Cottage house plans

I'd turn the shower and make it a walk in (with or without door) and make the tub a bit longer (7' instead of 6') for plants, candles, etc. Very romantic! I think all bathrooms should be a bit romantic, whether they have a garden, beach, Asian, contemporary, vintage...whatever theme. It's the perfect place for adding a few luxuries that you might not splurge on in other rooms.

Then, the sinks where they are...added a bench in front of the window...maybe with those little shelves on each sides for little toiletries. With a mirror backsplash and a glass door to keep out the dust! LOL Some drawers or baskets underneath. Those little touches make a home special, IMHO.

The toilet can have a pocket or regular door and I moved the wall back a bit, when you first enter the bath and put a big mirror there...kind of dressing room area, off the closet. If you put a mirror on the back of the door to the bedroom, you can see all sides of your outfit.

In the closet, I put a window seat or bench, under the window. This might be a little too fancy, but I think this is a great 'inspiration' picture for a closet :) From Fairy tale cottage

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I just realized the linen closet will keep the toilet from having a pocket door! You might want it to open out, for safety reasons...but you should have plenty of space, since you have about 6' between the door and the sinks. I'd swing it out, against the linen closet, since that will be less intrusive.

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Oh! I like the shower changes! That works really well!

This is all starting to come together! Anyone else have any suggestions?

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This may be a silly question, but with a walk-in shower like this does the shower head go on the same wall as the sinks, spraying water towards the tub? I'm just trying to figure out the space.

This weekend we stayed in a lovely rental house with friends and we lucked out and got the master bedroom. The bathroom had an exquisite shower with a steam shower which was absolutly fantastic! I think I need to add it onto my splurge list and I'm looking at this shower setup and I'm thinking with a door it may work really well! :)

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Also, for Summerfield (or any otthers) do you have any other suggestions for how to set up the staircase, laundry room and master bath?

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Laura- A steam shower sounds like a great idea! I'd look for pictures online, to get a better idea of what you'll need, as far as dimensions.

Hopefully, someone else will offer some ideas. You might want to repost this, without asking for Summerfield, may get more responses. And, it might be a good idea to ask about getting help with the master bath, stairs, etc. when you create your title.

It seems like the plan is really coming together! Just a few more details to work out and you'll be set :)

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Lavender_Lass, I was just curious what you had in mind with the shower turned that way as a walk in shower?

As for re-posting, it is a great idea, and I probably will over the next few days. However I'm dying for Summerfield to work his magic on it first! ;)

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I am no expert...but I saw something like this (somewhere) that had dual shower heads (one on each side) down on the 'garden end' and then no door and just a walk in area. I think they had a hook for towels, where you were thinking about putting the shower head.

It might have been bigger than these dimension, but I thought it was neat, not to have to clean the door! Of course, with a steam shower...that would be worth the extra work :)

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I was thinking one shower head on the outside wall, one rain showerhead above, and then a seperate moveable shower head off to the side. Though, those are all details for a later date, as long as the space works! :)

And then a bench under the window, and another bench near the opening of the door.

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Above I included a link in the text of a home with a similar kitchen/living/dining room layout that we had liked and used as inspiration (the rest of the house is quite different). I just realized I put the link in the text but didn't make it clickable. The link is now below.

It is in an expensive neighbourhood, so try to just ignore the listing price (or just let it make you happy you live in another area of the country)!

Here is a link that might be useful: Similar Great Room/Dining/Kitchen layout

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Laura- I like your inspiration pictures! Here's the kitchen picture you liked so much :) From Cottage house plans

Hopefully you'll get some more input!

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Thanks, I was just serarching Candice Olson designs for more pictures of this kitchen but haven't been able to find any...

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