Dollbaby Halloween Tray'scape 2011

jeannespinesOctober 17, 2011

Well, I had shared Dollbaby w/her Fall decor earlier ...& now I kept alot the same for Halloween. But I found the cutest accessory for her Tray-scape! Here's the tag that came on it ($1 @ a GS this summer):

And here is the Angel Cheeks Witch:

Isn't she a hoot! I think Dollbaby really likes her on her tray'scape! I used the bottom of the butter dish (cloche) like Kathleen's to sit her up:

...and battery tealight underneath it:

Added the little ceramic ghost that's been around for many yrs from a craft show:

Since I just bought this new 'flower child' headband for her, I decided not to dress her in witch's hat & hair (like last yr):

The top of my china closet in the DR/LR area got a new candle light recently...they are scented & the electric candlelight flame warms the wax...ummmm, smells heavenly!

The brown pitcher is a family heirloom brought over from Denmark...& the pretty glass swirly pumpkin I got at HLobby Fall clearance a yr or two ago.

So, happy Fall, Holiday-ers...hope you are enjoying the change in the season is the middle of Oct.! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Dollbaby is even cuter this year! Her new little witch angel is the cutest thing, and perfect for her.

I LOVE how you decorated the top of your china closet. VERY pretty arrangement.
Hmmm, from what I can see, your china closet looks a lot like one I have (in my familyroom, with my Staffordshire type whippets in it).

hugs, Karen

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Yes, looks like the same china closet ...I've had it for probably 20 yrs or so...would have to look up a pic. I love all the Whippets in yours!

Here's a view I didn't post above (from LR side):

Hope you are feeling better today ... & maybe getting Teegan out of the closet soon! Do you have a 'rocker' for her yet? LOL! Jeanne S.

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I found mine in an antique shop about 20 yrs ago. ;o)
I'd been looking for one with the curved glass and on curved legs for quite some time, and got this one for a good price. I empty it for Xmas and put decorations in there, otherwise the dogs stay put.

The absolute PERFECT rocking chair for Teegan belongs to my daughter! And she keeps it in living-room. It was my Dad's when he was just a toddler!! When my grandmother passed away and we got some of her stuff, Alissa asked if she could have the rocker. She loves it, and would never give it up.


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I love that angel so cute, as is DB. I am so glad you found a butter cloche and the votive inside is ingenious!

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Jeanne..Dollbaby's little Witch Angel is just the cutest!
You created such an adorable Haloween Vignette for her to enjoy. Love all her little decorations. I was just noticing what a nice size that HC tray is and how much it holds...
Love the vignette over your china closet. That wall plaque with the leaves is so pretty and the birds with the wire birdhouse and pitcher and swirly pumpkin all compliment each other perfectly. I love the smell of scented candles...especially the Fall ones.
I think Karen is right, your China Closets look the same...and both although decorated differently - look lovely.
TFS Jeanne...loved looking!

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Too cute!!
She sure is one lucky little "girl." LOL
I have a couple of Angel Cheeks that a friend brought me as hostess gifts when we host our Christmas Open House, but that witch is really darling.

Yup, I think you and Karen have the same cabinets. She and I have the same small curio too! I guess the members here must have similar tastes! Maybe that is why we like each other so much, LOL.


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Jeanne, Angel Cheeks Witch is so cute and perfect for dollbaby. I think TJ needs one more than DB after reading the card. I'm sure she gets ignored more than any little one should and never complains.LOL

NICE display on top of the matching cab like Karen's. The pitcher is so neat. Glad you showed the second shot so we could see the whole thing. Such a pretty metal candle warmer. Did you decorate it or did you buy it like that? Neat design on that pumpkin, cute birds and the leaf hanger above is so pretty.

Aren't the warmers just great? Blueberry Cheesecake by Scentsy is one of my favorites have you tried these?

Karen, careful, when Alissa sees Teegan she'll want her to go with the rocker of DD's.haha Might be a good thing for later in her life.


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Jeanne, The Angel Cheeks Witch is too cute.
Dollbaby looks sweet @ she is having fun with her Halloween toys.
The display on top of your china closet is pretty. You sure do have the knack for putting perfect things together.
I think that it's neat that you and Karen have matching China Closets.

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Thanks, Holiday-ers!

punk...the candle itself is a hollow scented wax ring & the light fixture mounted inside it on a metal plate. I usually decorate up this glass/metal pc w/light, candle, greenery or acorns around it...I've had it some yrs now & leave it out all yr...don't know the word for what it a birdcage/glass windows/top lifts to open. What is it called, Holiday-ers?

Teegan does need an Angel Cheeks! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Oh boy, guess I am going mess up Teegan & TJ ...meant to say TJ needs an Angle Cheeks ...but I'm sure Teegan would love one, too! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Not sure there's anything I can add to what everyone else has said. I always love seeing your decorating Jeanne, you have such great family treasures and new finds as well. This little witch for Dollbaby is absolutely darling and I love the hairband you found as well. Great find on that pretty pumpkin too--and I agree that it is neat you and Karen have "twin" cabinets--great minds and all that! LOL


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