Buying below the list price - warranty issues down the road?

newskilzJune 29, 2012


We are redoing our kitchen from top to bottom & side to side i have chosen all of my appliances and am happy with the choices ive made. Keeping to some sort of a budget. My question is this. I found an incredible deal on an Electrolux Icon double wall oven waaaay below the manufactures suggested price through a reputable discount appliance house. However a sales person at PC Richards warned me that if anything should happen to the oven my warranty would not be honored by the manufacturer since I purchased it for less then they suggest to sell it.

Do you forfeit your warranty when buying below? Is saving over $700 worth it? I'm nervous. HELP !!!!

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Forget the sales person, they will say what they say. You should check with Electrolux on your specific situation re: the warranty.

I bought a Capital Culinarian from an authorized dealer but, as it was a floor model, it was sold at a discount. It came with a full warranty.

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We bought our display Elux oven (never installed, never turned on, no blemishes that we can see) for over $1000 below list. It came with a full warranty. Your salesman is resorting to scare tactics to get a sale.


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Thank you both. They said the warranty would be fully covered, my fiance is on board with buying through this discount appliance store since he has purchased all of his other appliances there in the past and he never had an issue. We are saving $366 compared to AJM. I think I need a little bit longer to think about this small savings vs a full nights sleep! lol

I'm calling Electrolux in a moment.

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I just spoke to a customer service representative at Electrolux and she said as long as there is a serial number on the appliance the warranty is honored. I'm all in!

Now I need to figure out when I should have the appliances shipped. We are gutting the kitchen and we haven't even met with the contractor. Horse before the cart?

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1st more than likely the warranty will start from when it ships.

2nd You would very carefully need to inspect it upon arrival and usually the delivery guys don't like to hang around for that, and it ya miss something, it could turn out to be a "pain" later.

3rd. Always the "chance" something happens to it in storage.

They are great ovens though, I have one (Elux Icon) also the Speed Oven, for more than 5 years now, and both trouble free and perform great!


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Call Elux again. For some guys, the warranty starts at installation. For others, it starts at time of sale. For you, if you are having it shipped and are going to store it in your garage, it may start upon delivery.

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Yes - with an appliance this big (double wall ovens are very big) - you're putting the cart before the horse. Unless your kitchen is so big you know for sure you'll have room for it - and you get an extended warranty (warranty will start to run on date of delivery). Robyn

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wow I love this website and everyone on it. YOU are all so smart and helpful! MWAH MWAH MWAH.

Ive never bought a big appliance like this - what should I look for besides dings & scratches? I'll look inside to make sure I have all of the shelf slides and the racks of course. I'll look at the plug also, I just read someone bout a Meile that it's plug wasn't properly intact.

We have an alcove area that we are planning on putting the boxes in. Luckily we barely have any furniture on one side of the house. lol


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