Wolf Range: Dual Fuel versus All Gas?

soonermagicmamaJune 10, 2014

I'm getting very close to making our appliance selections for a reno at a new-to-us home and am stuck at All Gas versus Dual Fuel on the range. [cooktop w wall ovens NOT an option]. I've searched and read a number of posts on this forum, but nothing is directly on point. Your thoughts/input/experience are greatly appreciated!

Currently have all gas Bertazzoni. Have not loved the gas oven. Hard to ignite. Heats up entire kitchen. Temperature is never, never, ever precise. Even using the convection fan, baking is not even. I'd say difficult to clean, but--confession--I've only cleaned it once in 7 years.

I have no reason to believe it's a real comparison for me to think the Wolf AG will perform the same as the Berta AG. But my experience with the Berta AG is making me hesitant on the Wolf AG.

I drove 3 hours to nearest SZ/W showroom and forgot to test what it's like to ignite the AG oven. Burners were an ease/joy to ignite ... made me so happy I giggled (b/c so much easier than the Berta). Anyone have anything to say about ease of igniting Wolf AG oven?

Wolf DF blue enamel issue has me very hesitant of DF. I've read a lot about this, so no need to comment further on this issue, unless someone has evidence that the issue has been resolved in the newest models.

Ability to dial in precise temperature on DF oven seems like a dream compared to how difficult it is to get to correct temperature in the Berta AG.

Two convection fans in the DF leads me to assume more even baking than one convection fan in the AG ... but I read one remark in the midst of another post that an AG Wolf user has experienced beautiful results with perfectly even baking.

In short, someone please tell me it's OK to not let my AG Berta experience lead me upgrade to a Wolf DF over a Wolf AG, without any fact-based evidence that the Wolf AG will be remotely similar an experience to the Berta AG.

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Not sure if this helps you, but my experience with my AG Bluestar for the past 18 months has been wonderful. Cooks evenly, and the temperature is very consistent when checked with an oven thermometer.
I like the fact that there are no electronics with AG, except the oven light and the convection fan, which I don't even use as it is annoying ;)
I would think the Wolf AG should perform equally as well, and not let your Bert experience dissuade you from choosing AG..... Just my 2 cents

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I have a Wolf AG. I had a brand new Viking AG previously and the oven was terrible. It could not hold an even temperature, the temp was off when tested with a thermometer, and baking was very uneven. The Wolf AG has not been a problem in that respect. Baking has been even, temps are consistent when checked with a thermometer, and I am very satisfied with the oven overall (no blue porcelain on the AG either). I also love the broiler on this oven and don't know how the electric broiler on the DF would compare. I have only used the convection feature once, while baking cookies. I actually think cookies bake better without it, and it seemed to blow crumbs about in the oven. My oven ignites easily, but they have changed the ignitor on the newer AG ovens so I can't honestly comment on that.

I agree with ctycdm, don't let the Berta experience dissuade you from AG. My ancient pre-remodel gas oven was good, too.

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Thank you both very much for the input and sharing your experience with AG ranges.

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Hi SoonerMagicMama - What did you choose? I'm just at that same point myself - and was actually considering a Berta as well - so would love to hear an update.

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Be aware of the blue porcelain issues with the dual fuel that have been written about ad nauseum on this forum.

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If you are going with Wolf AG, why not consider the Bluestar AG range.

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Hello soonermagicmama. What did you end up purchasing? I am trying to decided the same.

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