Help with the bathroom / hallway threshold!

rsoronenJune 21, 2012

I need to choose a threshold to go from my tiled bathroom to the hardwood hallway. The bathroom will have dark wood-look tile, and the hallway is red oak (more traditional "wood" color). The contractor has talked about making one out of tile - has anyone ever seen that before?. The photo shows the floor tile I chose. Did anyone here do anything unique for their threshold piece? Any ideas? I've yet to see a threshold made from tile, even though I've been looking...

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There is a similar post over in flooring.. I have hardwood floors up against a wood look tile and I have no threshold. If you can get away with it.. if they are on the same level. It looks fantastic.

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My personal favorite has always been the old style marble threshold. I am using that in the two bathrooms I am doing now. In the bathroom I did last summer, I didn't get the heights thought out well enough to put a marble threshold in. It would have been too high. My bathroom floor is about a tile thickness higher then my oak floor in the hall. I took the tile out to the mid-way point of the closed door and then I finished the outside with a thin piece of oak that I rounded nicely with a router to meet the oak in the hall. I like the way it came out. Looks good with the door closed or open.

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We used a strip of the accent tile in our shower as the threshold transition from our bedroom to our bath (pic below). In the kids' baths, we didn't do an accent tile, so they go straight from carpet to tile.

In our laundry, we have a skinny metal strip as the threshold (pic below). The builder forgot to plan for the hardwood to tile transition heights with the subfloor so this was our best option to minimize a noticeable height difference.

Hope this helps!

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