Fireplace Area is Done!!!

lynninnewmexicoOctober 7, 2010

I'm adding these Halloween pics in bunches, so that I don't overwhelm you in one HUGE post.

The big news is that my witch stocking boots arrived yesterday from Lillian Vernon (a week earlier than expected) and I absolutely love them!

I took these pics last night, as I wanted to capture that spooky atmosphere I've got going. I hope they post here well and not too dark.

I bought this mantel scarf a couple of weeks ago at the Spirit Store (only open for Halloween season). Their real mantel scarves were more expensive than I wanted to pay, but this is piece was made to hang in a doorway and was only $7.99 (as opposed to $14.99 - $21.99). It works perfectly for my mantel, though, and for a lot less! I bought a cheap door panel at DG (Dollar General) to cut up and use over my paintings. For $1, I got enough to use on 5 paintings . . . big score!!!

I also bought one great package ($1) of cardboard Halloween cutouts that are so good they look 3-dimensional. You can see one of them, the huge tarantula, there above the painting. Candelabras are ones I keep out all year. I've just added orange tapers and spider rings to them. I made the witch statue many years ago and bought the Boo votive holders and ghost light at HL (?) several years ago:

New witch stockings from Lillian Vernon catalog just arrived yesterday. The package contains two each of 3 patterns; I'm using four on the mantel and two elsewhere:

To the right of the fireplace, I attached another part of the original door panel over a painting and then taped on one of the H'ween cutouts:

Same with the left side:

I positioned the cat so that her tail would extend off to the side of the picture:

To the left of the fireplace is our game table area. Emily wanted to put "her" cauldron there. I used more of the door panel over the painting there and then added another one of the cardboard cutouts to it. This one REALLY looks 3-dimensional from across the room! Witch hat and sparkly (cardboard) candelabra are from Target's Dollar Section; each was only $2.50! The candelabra is VERY similar to the one from Martha Stewart and hers is $14.99, I believe! The 2 birds are from DG; the antique book is another from my collection. Potion bottle is an old port bottle that I filled with yellow & green food coloring water. I wrapped a H'ween skull & crossbones window cling to it. Large package of many designs from DG for $1.

Close-up of "Skull painting". I found the black cheesecloth over the lampshade at DG (Creepy Cloth) for $1/package.

Side table with monster luminaria (luminary) that was a class project one year when I was DD's room mother. It's made from an empty gallon milk bottle.

OK, that's all for today. Now I need to go paint some Halloween decs. Thanks for looking. I'm sorry if I wore you out with all my posts today.


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Oh, lynn, you are so-o-o-o innovative with this Halloween decor! Great $$$ finds & ideas for covering your framed art ...& that mantle scarf ...perfect! I love the candleabra's ...that always looks kind of Halloweeny to me...& adding the spiders to the orange candles...creepy! I'm afraid your decor would scare the dickens out of me if I got up in the middle of the night! Realistic! I bet your DD is going to love this room, too! That game table area is just downright chillingly SPOOKY to me!!!

Never too much to look at, how you create such wonderful holiday decor! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Your whole den looks like a set from an old-timey horror movie. The mantel scarf is my favorite. What you did with the art work is very creative. DD's witch's lab is very spooky. Keep us posted.

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WOW! Double WOW! Triple WOW! Your place must look incredible at night. I love it all. Spooky, but not gory. I used to talk about this a lot with my second graders - how much FUN it is to be "pretend scared" and shiver when you read a Halloween story, but not REALLY be scared.

Nice savings on the mantel scarf. I've been looking at them for a couple of years now, but didn't buy one because of the price. Even thought of sewing my own. Never occurred to me to adapt something else. DUH! I'm going to have to go on a shopping spree now.

Do tell about the art work. Love the ghost mirror/painting in the first picture (same technique for the skull picture?). How'd you do that? Looks like you used garbage bags - or did you wrap them in the scary cloth? I did a "cute" ghost (Martha Stewart idea) on the bathroom mirror, but like your style better. Give directions, please.

Those witches stocking boots are bigger than I imagined. That's another idea I'm going to have to copy.


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It is all just perfect!
I have mantle scarf envy.
I may have to find one of those temp. Halloween stores.

Great job, as usual.


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Lynn, your obsession with Halloween this year has evolved into some wonderfully creative decorating! What a fantastic idea to use a door panel and cut it up to cover up regular pictures. And the addition of the cutouts really do look dimensional! Love the scarf too--good thinkin gal, you saved a bunch over the mantel scarf and it works perfectly. I really have to give you credit for thinking to use the window clings the way you have. I looked at some at Dollar Tree and it never even crossed my mind that they could be used for anything except on windows--you've opened up a whole new set of decorating options for me! This all looks fabulous. I think you should have a party to show all this off to your friends--Jane, are you well enough to drive the bus yet?????


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Lynn, I'm so glad the others said it so well...cause it may take me the rest of the night to get my jaw off the floor!
If jealousy is a sin, I am probably the biggest sinner here. (Good thing I don't live close, that Witch Cat "painting" would be snuck over to my house.) Everything is just too wonderful for me to find the words.

hugs, Karen

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Lynn, love all of it. Your fireplace all decorated, looks wonderful.


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