Bluestar 24k btu Prima Nova Burner?

deeageauxJune 3, 2013

I saw this video posted on utube by Bluestar Cooking showing a 24k btu Prima Nova burner as well as a new Bluestar electric wall oven .

Can a 25k btu Culinarian burner be far behind?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar Video

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Very cool. I wonder if it is just a larger orifice? Or if its a new burner head? I'm thinking just a new orifice as the base graland comes with a 24k burner and the head looks very similar to the current 22k ultra nova burner.

Capital will probably come out with a 26k burner just so they can leapfrog bluestar and american range in one leap. HP wars were common in the auto industry, I certanly advocate a btu war. :)

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The question then is why didn't Bluestar match or leap American Range?

Maybe they don't see AR as a real threat and see Capital as the real competitor?

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Its a good question. My guess is that they could ramp it up to 24k using the existing burner head and not have to port any additional holes, but can not go beyond 24k with that setup.

I remember being at a bluestar event in toronto back in 2008 and one of the big guys at bluestar(can't remember who) said they could easily add more btu's if they ported out more holes but they thought 22k was good (back then it was leaps and bounds ahead).

As far as how bs views the competition, I am quite certain capital is viewed as their main competition. American Range doesn't seem to market their residential ranges too well, and for some reason they haven't caught much momentum on these internet forums either. Plus the AR only comes in a pretty limited amount of configerations. (Ex no 48" or 60")

I just watched that video linked above. I wonder what the heck the platinum version is all about. I just hope that the btu's go up and up and one day I will be woking on my 34k btu "prima ultra super nova platinum elite burner" :)

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in my opinion, going from 22K to 24K isn't that big a jump. i remember seeing the video from mojaveen when he jumped from 18K to 22K (which is a 4K jump instead of the current 2K jump being discussed), and he said it resulted in about a 10% increase of fire power. so, the 2K now being talked about will only result in a 5% increase. not really worth would only be worth pursuing if it was at least a 5K jump in BTU's.

what i'd like to see even more than that, though, would be Bluestar's return to their "burner within a burner" configuration that David Rosengarten discussed in his article posted many years ago.

that feature is when the flames on the burner arms shut off on simmer, and the only flames that remain on are in the center ring. that way, every burner has the ability to function exactly like the dedicated simmer burner. i suppose it involves using another Venturi tube, but in my mind, something like that would be worth it. every burner would be able to be 22K (or even more), and would all be able to provide the gentlest of simmer.

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Platinum series is a textured finish similar to some offerings of American Range but seems nicer in picks in LINK below. Nice just what is the price? Probably higher than Inspired by Marcus line.


a 5% gains is better than 0% gain but more importantly it is a marketing gain. With dedicated simmer burner Bluestar salesman can make the claim of "ultimate cooking machine" with a straight face.

With oven door hinge issue resolved, Capital has cooler door and protected igniter as their advantage( I know tyguy that you have had your BS for six years without a damaged igniter but BS igniters break at a significantly higher rate than Capital). The assertion of superior build quality I think is harder to make to potential new customers.

Capital really needs their "small pot" burner soon. Their dual fuel Culinarian would not hurt nor a bump in top end power.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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I just asked a friend of mine who is friended bs on facebook. (I don't facebook). Anyway apparently the platinum has the 24k burner and a "new burner technology" in the ovens (whatever that means)

I agree that capital ignitors seem to be more hardie. I am just stating that I have not had any issue in 5 yrs. Also note that someone on here retrofitted viking ignitors and they seem to also be more hardie. I actually would like to modify mine with the viking units eventually when I find time. (Which will probably be literally years away).

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oh goody, another btu dick-measuring contest

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It is your understanding that the Platinum Series will be the only one getting the 24K btu burner?

Those textured finishes look more than a $500 upcharge.

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Dee: I actually have no idea. If I was to guess I think the platinum series will be at least the first to get them. But your guess is as good as mine. I'm interested in the "new burner technology" that will be in the ovens. Probably more marketing hoopla.

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I agree with some of the prior posts that this is solving a problem that doesn't really exist.

I have a Bluestar and prior to that a Garland and love/loved both of them. If Bluestar wanted to make changes to the range, in my view the first change would be to make a larger broiler. The current broiler is fantastic, but too small. Second change would be longer arms on the high power star burner to provide better heat distribution for a very large fry or saute pan.

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I agree about the bigger broiler. What change I'd like to see (aside from the burner within a burner I mentioned earlier) is having all the holes in each burner head angle inward so that the flame converges into the center.

I find that when you put a pot/pan on the burner, the flames spread outward to the edges making them hotter than the center. This is also the case with capital culinarian and even commercial burners like Vulcan etc. Its just how it is. But I think if the holes were angled inward, it would compensate for the flame spreaf issue.

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If I could have purchased a UL certified residential range with 36k btu true commercial burners in the pro style price class I would have. Rear burners I will stick with 23k btu, don't want restaurant type blackened SS backsplash.

I am all in favor of a btu war, so fan the flames of war I will.

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I'm in the process of ordering a regular bluestar (48). I wonder if I should switch to the Platinum??!!

I saw their post on Facebook this morning and am curious. I love the door in the smaller oven - it was the one thing I felt was missing from the one I'm currently in line for.


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