First floor plan - opinions please

DSK1967May 17, 2012

Hi All,

We are knocking down a ranch and turning it into a colonial .... pretty much set with the second floor plan but wanted to show our first floor plan for comments and opinions .....

The existing home is the dashed line through the kitchen.

The kitchen has been revised, just have not incorporated it into the plan as of yet. Sink will be by the window where the range is drawn; pantry size reduced, range will be on wall with fridge and wall oven. We will have a sink in the center island as well.

The guest room, not a full tub, will do a shower only.

Some concerns:

1) Family room is long and narrow - over an existing basement for an addition, don't want to/can't extend the foundation. Was thinking about losing some windows and putting built ins around fireplace for TV etc. Also thinking of built ins by windows, can put cushions on top, seating areas with storage underneath. Thoughts on how to best utilize family room would be appreciated!

2) Since its a relatively open plan, right now thinking of hardwood throughout entire first floor. Would like a marble/tile entry foyer, but afraid it will not look good going from tile to wood. Almost definitely going for wood in the kitchen.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Want the first floor to be open, focal point the kitchen...




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Here's the image (more people might comment if it's posted in line):

Looks like a nice plan. Definitely post on the kitchens forum too for advice on the kitchen layout. If/when you do, post an image with dimensions so people can tell if your aisles will be adequate, etc.

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I would definitely NOT put your range on the same wall as the fridge/ovens (if that is the wall that is the backside of the LR. You do not want your main walkway to be where you have to stand while cooking, or where hot pots will be. Keep it against one of the "L" counters. The kitchen forum should be able to help you with this.

As I remember, the fireplace isn't there yet, right?
Any chance of you moving it to one end or the other; or between LR and FR to share both spaces? Your long FR is better off as 2 separate/open living areas than one centered where it is.

If you are unhappy with long and skinny FR, but don't want/can't expand the foundation (understandable), can you simply bump it out/cantilever space out? Or, are you running into set backs?

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Thanks Chic and Kirk .....

How do you get the picture into the body of the post, I couldn't figure it out.

Kirk, regarding the kitchen, its open to the FR, and we don't want a hood hanging in the middle anywhere, so the vision is having the rangetop against the LR wall or back wall .... and if against the back wall we lose the sink, and we want it by a window. Hood would look bad if it was off center.

But I see your point re walkway and hot pots. I think there is enough space between island and wall where people could get by, or they would just have to buttonhook around the island if they came into the kitchen when someone is standing by the rangetop.

Our dealings with zoning in our town have been difficult to say the least, so setbacks would be a huge issue. I thought about the FR in the middle of LR FR (would have saved masonary $$ too), but there would be no entry from LR to FR - and we didn't want a dead end.

We might go for an off center fireplace, with built ins for the TV. I like the idea of two more distinct areas in the FR. If we don't, we might just get a bigger sectional with more space in the middle.

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You can put the image directly into a post by using HTML tags.

<img src="">

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(1) What do you do in the living room, exactly? What purpose does it serve?

(2) Whatever you do, don't put the television above the fireplace unless you don't watch tv for more than 30 minutes a day. TVs over the fireplace are literally a pain in the neck.

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they would just have to buttonhook around the island if they came into the kitchen when someone is standing by the rangetop

They could, but they won't. People will always choose the straightest path, even when someone is standing there. Guests and kids and dogs will all be in your way as you are hopping between the island for prep and the range. I also would encourage you to post your layout on the kitchen forum.

With a covered porch to take care of most of the mud & slush, I don't see why you couldn't use wood throughout including the foyer. Just put some Waterhog mats and/or boot scrapers on the porch.

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Jack Kennedy

I like the layout. I like the kitchen too. The placement of the stove is ideal for me. I always like to have the stove be flanked with windows and be on the outside wall. easy venting too, straight out the wall, no long runs, corners and bulkheads to hide the ductwork. The fridge on being on the main axis of travel keeps people out of the work zone yet lets them be in the action. I also like the family room. I'm a big fan of symmetry and like to plan for extra space that I don't know that I yet need, which will be available on the outskirts of your family room. Plan flows well and makes sense to me.

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Honestly, I'd rather see the living room, where the bedroom/bath it could be a bigger space, with the dining room. Then, I'd swap the kitchen/nook locations and have more windows in the kitchen. Can you use a bigger island/table in the kitchen...and then split the use for the long family room? Maybe TV on one end and game table on the other?

Then, I'd rework the living room area to have the bedroom and bath. Just an idea. Here's a few possiblities for the kitchen :) From Farmhouse plans From Kitchen plans

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