Please help me review my floorplan(second attempt)

sunnyyellowMay 2, 2012

earlier today I tried unsuccessfully,I'm sorry it has been such a challenge for me to put this pictures up. I tested this and it semmed to work.

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presently, it is only viewable by people with a snapfish account. Can anyone help her out?

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It only works for people who have a snapfish account

I would try uploading the pictures to a photo sharing website like dropbox's public folder or photobucket

Here is a link that might be useful: Direct link to sunnyyellow's album

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How to post photos:

1) Go to and open a free account.
2) Follow their instructions for uploading your pics to their site.

Now your pics are ready for posting on sites like GW!

Posting pics in a GW message:
1) Begin the written portion of your posting on GW.
2) When you are ready to add your pics, simply open a new browser window and log into your photobucket account.
3) Go to 'My Album' & copy the 'HTML Code' underneath the photo you wish to add to your GW post.
4) Toggle back to the browser window with your GW posting, place the cursor where you want to pic to appear, right click and select 'paste'.

Your pics will appear in the preview so you can ensure they appear properly before the final submission.

Hope this helps! Can't wait to see the plans!

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Thank you, I'll try that and then start another thread.

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Sunny- Here's one floor...I could only show what was on your cover if you change it to the first floor, I'll post that too :) From Cottage house plans

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