Halloween & Fall Wreaths (pics)

cindylouhooOctober 10, 2009

This is a Halloween wreath that I came up with by spray painting a grapevine wreath black, then using jack-o-lantern ornaments I found at Hobby Lobby and primitive style ghosts I found on Ebay. The picture isn't that great. It looks a lot nicer IRL.

After Luvs suggestion about the garbage bag wreath, I mentioned it to my sister, and she made one right away! So when my niece came over, we set to work making some of our own. The witch is from $ Tree. It turned out really cute I thought. Here's how mine turned out.

Finally, here's one I made using a grapevine wreath, 2 garlands, and some picks from Hobby Lobby (all purchased during 50% off!).

Anyway, these were fun to make & added some more decoration to our home.


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Cindy, you did a wonderful job on all your wreaths. What a great idea spray paintng the Grapevine wreath..and using those ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. I love that idea. I've made so many grapevine wreaths over the years, that I've run out of ideas. I really like what your did with yours, and I will definitely keep this idea in mind for the future.
That garbage bag wreath came out really nice too. My aunt made one for my mother years ago. It was in white with Christmas accents. She used it for years, and I always loved how it looked.
Your front door wreath is so pretty. It's nice and full.
I like your selection of florals and gourds.
I usually buy my stuff half off too... makes it that much more fun!!
Well, looks like you're all set, and everything looks just perfect!


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They are all beautiful!! I would have never thought of spray painting a grapevine wreath black for Halloween. What kind of wreath did you use for the plastic bag wreath? My favorite is the fall wreath. I love pumpkins and bright oranges.

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Great looking wreaths! You've been a busy bee, girl. I am so pleased that you liked the trash bag idea, it should last for years--and your little witch is the perfect accent for it. The grapevine wreaths are so versatile aren't they? Love your little jack o lanterns and ghosts on it. Now why haven't I cut out and painted ornaments for a wreath????? And your last one with the fall garlands is really pretty--I love fall wreaths. Luvs

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Love the ideas of painting the grapevine wreath black for Halloween and also using the black bags for a wreath. You have some very pretty fall decorations. Bet the boys are loving it. Punk

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Cindy, you energetic, creative little thing...LOL...
all of those are wonderful. Gosh, what a super idea to paint a grapevine wreath black. Gave me one of those "duh, why didn't I think of that" moments. LOL.
I saw those witches yesterday at DT, but what a difference seeing yours in the wreath. Perfect together.
And I love, love the Fall wreath. WOW.

More ideas for our inspiration album too. Thank you!
hugs, Karen

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Cindy, every one of them is absolutely adorable. - Gail

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Cindy, I had bought a grapevine wreath that was spray painted black, had a big wooden pumpin in the middle & a big bow on it, I used it for many years & then just got tired of it & sold it last year at my garage sale.

The black garbage bag wreath is so cute, will last forever & you can change up the decor on it if you get tired of the witch.

Your fall wreath is really full, I've seen so many that just don't impress me, but yours is gorgeous!

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Oh, thank you all for the nice comments!
Luvs, I'm so glad you gave me the link for making the black garbage bag wreath. It was really fun to make with my niece. So thank you! I'm already thinking about a white one for January (snowmen) & February (hearts).

Donnas, I've attached the link Luvs gave me for the garbage bag wreath. The wreath itself is a clothes hanger.

I don't know if I can ever remember seeing a grapevine wreath painted (probably have somewhere), but I just thought the ornaments would look better against a black background rather than brown. It wasn't easy getting the flat back ornaments hot glued to the grapevine wreath. Not much to attach them to. Maybe you more crafty people have a better idea on how to attach them?

I'll have to be careful storing it. They pop off if bumped just right. Again, I'm thinking about spray painting other ones for other holidays.

I usually prefer fuller wreaths but not the price, so it was fun to make a cheaper one on my own.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garbage Bag Wreath

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Cindy, your wreaths "so inspire" me! I never thought about spray painting a grape vine wreath - what a great idea. I see so many of these at garages sales and I just pass them by... (Oh, no, here I go again!) And, I spray paint so many tossed treasures and incorporate them in my home and garden. Thanks for the inspirations!

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That trash bag wreath is adorable, I haven't thought about those in years, maybe it is time to make one, it is totally retro for me. I made them in the 70's when I first got married.

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I'm tempted to try the trashbag wreath, and I also saw another idea while browsing Etsy I'd like to try. Its a grapevine wreath covered with two colors of boas. Depending on colors used, this is an idea that should work for other holidays too.

hugs, Karen

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Oh, Karen, I love the feather boa wreath! What a great idea! I remember my mother having one that a friend of hers made out of white chicken feathers - years and years ago. It was stunning. And they came from her chickens! (Talk about recycling...)

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The boa wreaths are really nice, I'm surprised I haven't thought of it, as much as I love frou-frou. One thing I don't really get, is when did purple become a Halloween color, I love purple, just not at Halloween. I guess it's kinda of like the pink that I love to use at Christmas, some people don't get it. I haven't found a way to use the pink at Halloween.

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I'm going to take a guess that purple started becoming more popular for Halloween as it became more popular in various decor. (being a purple lover, I couldn't be happier. LOL)
But also, don't a lot of witch outfits have purple and green with black? Maybe that steered it to Halloween wreaths and such too?

hugs, Karen

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I have two as my husband thought he lost one last year so made another one. Used one on the wreath stand in the DR & put the more colorful one on the front door.
Bonnie DR below:

Outside Front door:

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Karen, I love the purple/black boa wreath. I had saved a picture of a black one with sets of those "googly" eyes glued all over it! That one just hit my "funny bone" at the time, but the nice full boas at Michael's were like $8.99 each so I haven't tried to make one yet--need to buy one when I have a coupon to use.

Bonniee, that wreath your husband made is great. Tell him he did a great job on it. ;o)


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Oh, I am sorry ........I made the wreath.....he lost the wreath = LOL! but he found it....hooray, hooray!

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I love your wreaths. I have never seen a garbage bag wreath that looked as pretty as yours. It is so full and evenly formed, and the witch is just perfect on it.

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WOW!!! That ain't all I got to say about that, but Aunt B is waiting for breakfast!

I saw lots of feather Boas at the $ Tree. Gotta have one of those. My table is mostly purple and black.


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