OA lighted Halloween panels

yachter123October 11, 2010

Just did a search & they show them at Terry's Village & Oriental Trading Co.

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Thanks for taking the time to do that. I see that Terry's Village has Christmas ones. I'd love to find some for New Years Eve. Tell me, are they just panels with buttons holes? Can you see the wires?

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You really can't see the wires, the white xmas ones have the white wires and the black panels came with orange lights with black wiring. In the daytime probably, but really not that noticeable..yes, like button holes.

I had my lace panels in my bay window, they were not curtains or drapes, not that large, they were lace panels on a tension rod and I never noticed the wires that bad in the daytime.

I may still have a pic of them, I'll look.

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I guess I never took a pic of them when I used them, that was before this forum! I must have been thinking of my lace snowflakes in the bay window, cause that was the only pic I found of my window & Christmas decor..

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