Wolf, Dacor Epicure, or Thermador Grand Pro?

Redhawk1June 29, 2012

I need help deciding on a 48" dual fuel range. I'm leaning towards Dacor, but am concerned about reliability. The salesman at the appliance store told me that Dacor has redesigned it's range and now offers a 3 yr. warranty on all ranges purchased after January 2012. I also like the Wolf, but the ovens seem small compared to the Dacor. I have only seen the Thermador Grand Pro online.

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I am also looking at some of the same brands. I have all Dacor in my current kitchen and like everything but my friend's kitchen person told her he heard that Dacor is going out of business. You might want to look into that before making a decision. I am also comparing GE monogram range and wall oven with Wolf and thermador for a house I'm moving into. I was told by one salesman that the difference in space is minimal with the wall oven comparison and will not make a noticeable difference.

Good luck, the researching is exhausting!

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I would never go monogram. I LOVE LOVE LOVE
My therm Pro Grand. It's a beauty! Also has a steam oven and a built in warming drawer. I was debating the 48' Pro Grand or the 60' Wolf. I went with the pro grand. Great burner control ovens heat evenly.

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Thanks for the input. I'm thinking it would be pretty hard to confirm if a company was on the verge of going under. If it's true and they are, I guess it wouldn't matter if they put a 3 yr. warranty or a 20 yr. since they wouldn't be around to deal with it. Possibly the appliance store where you purchased it would honor the warranty?? I hate to see any company go out of business. I need to check out the Thermador in person.

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I love the look of the Therm PG. It was out of reach for me and my wife wanted a cook top. We compromised and went with at 48" therm range top.

We're living with our in-laws while the house gets built and they have a 48" dual fuel Wolf. I like it, but the oven takes forever to pre-heat and I find making fine adjustments to burner temp to be a bit imprecise.

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Had the Dacor ER36D and Discovery wall oven for 7 miserable months in 2007-2008.

We replaced it with a Wolf DF and I absolutely love it. My oven is 36 inches wide and takes about 20 minutes to preheat to 350. I love the burners and find them to be very precise and easy to adjust. Anything I used to put in a double boiler, I cook directly on a burner now.

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Hello Redhawk1. Just to clear up some information that you may have heard, Dacor is not going out of business. That rumor started years ago when a diving supply company, of the same name, went under. Dacor Appliances is in no danger of going out of business.
In regards to the current 48" range, it is extremely reliable, as are all current Dacor Appliances. Dacor is currently adding more value and piece of mind to your purchase by offering the 3 For Free Promotion, which extends the original manufacturer's warranty.
If you have any further questions or concerns regarding purchasing a Dacor range, please mention this post and contact us directly at customersatisfaction@dacor.com.
Thank you.

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I would avoid Dacor. The bezel cracked on our dual fuel range shortly after purchasing it---Dacor told us it needed to be "redesigned" and it took many months for them to "redesign" it, then finally to replace it. It cracked again anyway shortly after being replaced. It is unsightly, with 2 big cracks right on the front of the control panel. Our neighbors have the exact same range and have had the exact same problem. We were told the second time around that this time we would need to pay to replace it ourselves--for a whopping $350 just for the part!! We haven't been able to scrape the money together so everyone who visits our kitchen sees it and comments. Leaves a VERY bad taste in our mouth for Dacor...

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That is very interesting, rosewest. Are you talking about the ring around the knobs that turn blue when they are on? What year is your range, and your neighbor's?Was the range under warranty when it broke initially, and then out of warranty for the second time? I appreciate hearing experiences that anyone has had with Dacor's customer service in recent years.

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