Awesome Halloween Costume . . . Will You Help Out My Friend???

lynninnewmexicoOctober 27, 2010

I've just posted this over on GW's Decorating forum, on the "Conversation" side of it. My friend Marty is a finalist for best costume in her hometown's (Ohio) online radio contest. Marty LOVES Halloween and truely made everything but the head of this troll costume herself . . . on a very small budget, buying everything at thrift stores and such as she's (always!) on a very frugal budget.

Anyhoo, here's a link to my post there. If you have a minute, would you check it out? BTW, voting ends tomorrow night at 11:59PM EST.

"Marty's Costume thread here on GW"

Thanks tons!


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She got my vote. So far, nobody can touch her!

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Me too, lynn..I posted on other thread. Your friend is very creative! Good luck to Marty! Jeanne S.

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She got my vote too! Too bad some of the unteen dozen politicians that have called this week wanting my vote don't have a little of her creative abilities. She has been blessed with a very imaginative gene. Janet

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I posted on the other thread too.
Good luck to your friend..she's very creative, and...
she has my vote!


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Wonderful costume and so many details. Maybe she should be working for Spielburg or some of those movie guys!

Very strange that they let you vote as many times as you want. I did it five times, but someone could just sit there and vote over and over all night--how is that fair???? Oh well, I sure hope your friend wins the money, she has the best costume for sure.


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Holy Cow....she HAS to win with that costume! Its amazing!
And would scare the heck out of me if I saw her out on Halloween night.

She better win or we'll boycott that station!!

hugs, Karen

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Good Luck to Marty. She's got my vote. Just finished voting. Awsome details on costume.

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Thank you all so very much for taking the time to check out Marty's costume and vote for her. I could hug every one of you!!! I'll let you know how the voting went as soon as I hear. Keeping my fingers crossed, as that $500 prize money would really come in handy for heating bills this winter in that drafty old house of hers!

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My vote is in. Marty's costume is amazing.
Fingers crossed....let us know when she wins!

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I've just gotten off the phone with the radio station and they were nice enough to tell me who the winner is and, unfortunately, it isn't Marty. I was, frankly, floored that she hadn't won by a landslide, but she didn't. I do honestly think that she had the best costume and thank all of you for your kindness and efforts to help her with your votes. She told her sis, (my bestfriend) last night that the best thing about this contest would not be winning, but the wonderful kindness, support and thoughtful comments from you all here on GW. Ultimately, I think that this is what GW forums are really all about, The kindness of strangers.
Thank you all so much!
BTW, this is the gal who did win:

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You've got to be kidding!

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OK. I can't stand it. I have to say something here. I cast my vote (or should I say,"votes"), not out of kindness, but simply because it was the coolest, most clever costume in the contest - by a mile. That was the most poorly run contest I've ever seen. To begin with, those pictures were just about as tiny as you could get and still make out they were people in costumes. And the "vote as many times as you like" rule. Hmmmmm. Not liking that either. She's one clever, creative woman. To put it in sports terms, Marty got homered! Darn it!

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BOOOOOOOO, I totally think it stinks she got beat by this "costume". None of them could hold a candle to Marty's and its unfair to say the least.

"Vote as much you want" is something that really aggravates me. There should be a voting limit in ALL contests IMO.

Ok, off my soapbox and back to holiday time....
with smoke coming out of my ears Karen!

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I can't believe she didn't win. It was a great costume!

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Sorry, I was too late to vote and sure can't believe she didn't win!! Especially to that costume!

I applaud her creativity and effort and please tell her that everyone here thought she was a winner!


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Lynn, I KNOW your friends costume was the best, but the way the voting was set up really seemed wrong to me--like I had said, someone could sit on the computer and vote again and again and again all night long!

Be sure to tell her that we all think she put together an amazingly detailed costume and totally "deserved" to win.


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Nancy zone 6

I was too late to vote, but she should have won! Such a creative costume, wish I had her talent.

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