Double Wall Ovens

babyraccoonJune 30, 2013

Hi all,

I'm seeking advice on my selection of double wall ovens for a forthcoming remodel in Ireland:

1) I want two wall ovens but for cost considerations will probably be limited to getting a double unit rather than two singles. For the moment I've also decided against one regular oven and one combi-steam, partly for cost reasons and partly because I'm not convinced I'll use the unique features of a combi-steam.

2) Most important to me is performance in terms of even and accurate heat, and a 30" width. I'm looking at high-end brands for this reason. Gaggenau and Wolf are the main contenders at the moment, and I've considered Miele, but I gather that people like it mostly because of the MasterChef programmes, which isn't important to me.

My questions: Should I give Miele a second look? Any votes for Gaggenau or Wolf (it's the E-series that are available here)?

It looks like Wolf would be most expensive and possibly a bit of a stretch, followed by Gaggenau and then Miele. I'm currently leaning towards Gaggenau for the positive performance reviews and the side-opening doors (and the look - they're gorgeous), and the fact that they would be doable cost-wise. I'd be grateful for any advice or user feedback.

Thank you very much!

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I own single 24" Gagg and I absolutely love it.

Wolf L series is close in temperature performance but it does not have an internal air cleaning catalyst to clean the air of grease and odor before exiting into your kitchen. Nor the side opening doors which eliminates the need to reach over a hot oven door. The infinite controls to manipulate the heat inside the oven can be confusing at first but are fantastic after a while, once you've learned the control panel.

The Wolf E series has a double paneled door instead of the triple in the L series. Nor does the E series have the L series luxury hinges for soft openings and closings.

People here on GW lost interest in Miele ovens about two years ago when a few started showing up with temperature control problems. Probably fixed by now but no one wants to buy to confirm. Since you don't fancy the MasterChef controls I would cross it off your list.

Gagg is within your price range, you love the look and you love their almost unique side opening door. And of the few manufactures that make side opening doors Gagg has the best door and oven. Since Gagg is cheaper than the E series IMO it is a no brainer.

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Thanks deageaux, that clarifies things beautifully. Decision made!

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