No suitable graphic devices found

ellie45January 13, 2012

I must apologize for posting first on the KT 1/2 hour ago inside another's post.

I am working on an Asus, Windows 7 PC. One year old

Problem: I lost suitable graphic devices. Here is how I did it.

I have been working thru the night with no problems.

I read the advice Raven gave to someone about using Secunia and checked out my system and they found some vulnerabilities - Adobe and some Microsoft critical updates. I wanted the updates and got them. It was also suggested that I get rid of Quicktime which I thought I had. So , I did.

Afterwards, things looked good and I continued my break some more to play solitare. The icon is on my task bar. I clicked on the picture and got

"No suitable graphics devices found."

This appears to be true of all my games that came with Microsoft.

I got out my Seagate Go Flex and thought I could get it off there. Wanted to first use Kaspersky to assure it was safe. 20 minutes into the check I got a notice to turn the computer off - serious words (that blinded my brain)- if this is the first command to reboot then I should do it and I did.

Things seem in order except the message of "not suitable graphics devices found." I decided to restore back 1 1/2 hours which took out only a critical Microsoft update (KB2588542)

Don't know how I lost the devices but quite sure it is user error. Any thoughts?

PS: Kept getting a message to use Uniblue. I didn't but looked it up it is partnered with Microsoft someway but the reviews that looked honest said to stay away from it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

ellie, I do not recommend uniblue. Some updates from various companies like Adobe will have an area in the update that asks you if you want to also install some un-needed thing usually toolbars like the ask toolbar, that is why it is so important to read each screen that comes up with any download and install and be sure you un-check any of those extras you do not want or need, companies do it because they make a little extra money for it, even though it sure is not to our best interest.

Some times a microsoft update can cause a problem to can happen to one person sometimes many it depends on what is on their system that conflicted with the update. So it could well be that particular microsoft update did not work well with your system.

So once you did the system restore and got rid of that microsoft update you are no longer having the graphics device message?

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I think the removal of Quicktime has something to do with your problems. Likely your file associations point to a program now removed.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I too was wondering why you chose to remove quicktime.
There is quicktime alternative if you Google that you should find it.
But you may want to first try reinstalling quicktime to test out if things go back to normal.

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The graphics device message came up after I installed the updates that also included Java and got rid of Quicktime which Secunia said sometime carries with it problems. I used to send videos in Quicktime as it seemed to push out Media Player and friends would say they would not open anything sent with Quicktime. Anytime iTunes has an update it tries to sneak in Quicktime and I decline it if I'm on the ball.

I can see that Quicktime might be the culprit as it is the only thing I recall uninstalling.

Should I reinstall Quicktime? Also, the external drive that I plugged in scares me now.

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Also, I only got rid of only one of the crititcal updates by going back 1 1/2 hours to restore computer to that time.It was a guess in time.

I still have the graphics message. The only thing I can see that is affected is the games. I did a quick check of YouTube and that was fine then had to go to a meeting.

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If you have on board graphics on your motherboard, all you need to do is buy a video card and install it. I had to do that on my first desktop. My daughter had been on the computer and when she got off my monitor had lines going across in several different widths. A neighbor who knew about computers, told me it was the graphics on board the motherboard. He said I did not have to get a new motherboard, just get a new video card and install it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

but her graphics are not affected only the games so it is not her actual graphics card that is bad if everything else graphics related works. This has to be something specific related to either the MS update or the quicktime removal. It will not hurt a thing to go ahead and reinstall quicktime just to see if that remidies the issues, if so then we know the answer if not then quicktime can again be removed and you can use quicktime alternative should you need it.

I personally love vlc player it plays pretty much everything, and works really well.

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I tried to reinstall Quicktime that I uninstalled earlier by restoring it from the recycle bin. The message after that:

c:\program files (x86) not accessible

I noticed as I checked my program files I have uniblue installed and cannot delete as associated with others.

Random sightings:

Intel HD Graphics are fine

Thompson USB CDC device not installed (?)

Went to iTunes to let them prompt me for Quicktime and it didn't. Perhaps because I updated the other features of iTunes earlier and did not check Quicktime. Then as afterthought got rid of Quicktime that existed.

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If it were me I would use this link to create a file Association with Window Media Player.

The link is for a Vista computer but the settings are identical for Windows 7.

I suspect when Quicktime was installed it simply took charge and perhaps you clicked to accept those settings without seeing what had happened.

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Users I know who must use QT use Quick Time Lite in the alternative. Smaller, less intrusive, less grief.


Here is a link that might be useful: FileHippo

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You do not want to take it from recycle bin you need the install file that is most current. Just Google for it. But I would remove what ever you tried to install.

I agree with owbist.

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Windows Media Player is my default now. Would the link do anything for me?

I will try damccoy's site.

Also, is it notable that I googled solitaire and got a cockeyed version that I could interact with?

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i installed QT lite and message said must uninstall quicktime.Then iTunes asked me if I wanted to install update to Quicktime. I said yes.

problem remains the same after rebooting and again getting a prompt for uniblue.

Although I got rid of all QT related programs at the time this problem started, perhaps I missed something and now perhaps have bits and pieces of QT. I can't tell.

Don't understand relevance of using QT for the games that came with the software.

I will google for a full set of Quicktime. and look for you to suggest something else. It is getting late for some folks but will wait for further instructions after install of QT

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Quicktime is installed and nothing has changed.

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Its likely your graphics card drivers.
Noticed you said Intel graphic card up there.. if true, a trip to Intel for a driver scan may be all you need...

Here is a link that might be useful: Intel� Driver Update Utility (scanner)

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I went to your site, Mike, and did their scan. "It" is fine.
After I rebooted uniblue was waiting with message to download it.

What I am worried about is that the message that comes up says "critical error", no suitable graphic devices found.

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Intel scan must have just looked and determined its the current version .. but I think you you really need to reinstall the graphic driver.

Should be pretty simple if you can determine from device manager your graphic driver model. Then go to same link and look on the sidebar for downloads. Reinstall that driver.

If a laptop, go to the laptop maker site & get the graphics driver there.

You could also, from device manager roll back the driver if it has been updated previously.. then go to intel for the scan.

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Your uniblue must be in your startup somewhere.. Perhaps if you have it, run ccleaner, very good time to use its cleaner!, then look in its 'Tools / Startup on the left, & disable your uniblue there if you can see it.

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I will try to do what you are telling me.

Need to find device manage. Once I find the graphic driver modelm go back to Intel Driver Scanner and download (not uninstall first) but download the graphic device for my pc.

But ccleaner and disable uniblue. OK. thanks

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This may take a while as I am all over the place looking for device manager.

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Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Devices and Printers, Device Manager.

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Thanks, Urlee. Mike et al

The Device Manager leads to systems 32 and service manager resources etc.
There are plenty of listings under it but I don't know how to prt scr sysrq

There is an intel HD Graphics driver
and intel R " "

This little problem of regaining embedded games is beyond me.

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