Marble slabs on shower walls & floors?

Ruth_123June 3, 2012

We are renovating a house my husband's only request was for marble slabs in the master bathroom, like a posh hotel (bless him!)!

After a very long search, we have found some gorgeous "vein cut" Diana Royale, which we would love to use in the shower walls (4ft x 7ft, zero entry). (Vanity and floors too.)

We are unsure about what to use on the shower floor?

The problem is that we live in an area of high humidity, and grout lines would definitely attract mold... And I don't suppose that we could be as aggressive cleaning mold off marble...?!

There is enough marble in our "bundle" to use a slab on the floor too. Less grout lines, right...?! Does anyone have any experience of using a marble slab on a shower floor?

Also, what would be the best way to do the shower drain? I think that a simple trench drain along the wall could look great, but from what I am reading here, installing these is a bit tricky...? Would a centre drain and "pie cuts" be a simpler option?

All advice gratefully received!


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The floor in this pic is PARTIALLY marble slab, cut into puie shaped pieces. But right around the drain is mosaic marble, the same as out in the bathroom floor, so as to be able to slope properly to the drain:

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here you go. slab floors and walls + trench drain, all in marble. no grout!

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Thanks very much for your feed-back guys! I really appreciate it!

Bill, what a great idea! I would NEVER have though to do this...! I'm just not sure that our shower would have the right proportions for something along these lines...

I really love the clean look of Pharoh's trench drain (thanks guys!) and think that this could be perfect for us!

Reading about trench drains blows my mind, however! It seems that their installation is a bit of an art form...?! Do you think that this is something that any good general contractor should be able to do? It would be so sad to have water leaking under expensive marble slabs!

Also, does anyone have any recommendations as to brands (of drain & membrane etc)?

BTW our shower will be 4 ft x 7 ft (with the shower head on the 4ft wall). So I guess the trench drain would need to be about 7ft? The bathroom will be on the ground floor. And humidity is an issue for us!

Thanks very much for all the advice!

All the best,

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Sophie Wheeler

The biggest drawback to a slab floor will be the slipperiness of it and cracking your noggin wide open when you fall. Also, that's a LOT of marble to keep sealed and to be so very careful about finding pH neutral bath products for so that it doesn't etch.

Don't forget that the weight of all of that slab stone needs to be WELL supported and that may mean stronger and thicker joists.

If your husband has to be the one to clean all of this and choose the right products to do it, then he might change his mind. And if you have a cleaning lady, she might quit rather than take responsibility for working with it.

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Thanks hollysprings! All good advice.

The bathroom is on the ground floor, so going on concrete slabs, which will hopefully be better...

We where thinking of honing the floors to combat slipperiness a bit (again, hopefully?!)!

LOL about the cleaning! It sounds like we will need shifts of chambermaids like a hotel (if we don't want to do it ourselves!)!!! Hmmmmmmmmm.....?!!!

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