Electrolux Microwave/Speed Ovens

burn-sideJune 17, 2013

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone would point out the differences between these two Electrolux Icon microwave convection ovens:



They both seem to have convection features, yet the top listing is deemed a speed oven, while the bottom is not. Anyone know what the key differences are?


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120 volt operation
Not "True or "Euro" convection (No fan, surrounded by a heating element in the back of the oven)
Since it is 120 volts, more than likely it can NOT run the microwave and the "Hidden heating element" (behind the back of the oven) at the same time. I believe, (Like the 120 volt Advantium), it will cycle either the MW or the heating element on/off and both will NOT be on at the same time, as is the case with a "True Speed Oven".

220 volt operation.
Has "True or "Euro Convection. (A fan surrounded by a heating element).
It can "Walk & Chew Gum @ the same time" IE both the microwave and the convection heating elements can be on at the same time. (True Speed Oven Operation).

I've had the E30SO75FPS (Or a very similar model) for 7 years now. We love it. It's been trouble free for all that time, except for a loose screw that mounts the door handle.

It has regular heating elements as well as the convection heating element so it will grill, roast, bake or convection bake.
Much like a regular oven except it can also microwave and "Speed Cook".
"Speed Cook" = baked potatoes in 14 minutes (Including preheat), versus 45 minutes to an hour in regular oven.

Unlike the Miele speed oven or the Advantium, The Elux will not broil, as the upper heating element is not "Open to the oven cavity" (there is a slotted cover over it). Not a big deal to us as we do most of our broiling out on the patio kitchen, or we can use our regular 30" oven for that.

I only see about a $200 price difference between the 2 models you mentioned, and You "May" be able to find some "Deals" on the "True Speed Oven" (E30SO75FPS).



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Thanks Dodge! That's exactly the answer that I was looking for!

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Dodge - you are a wealth of knowledge!

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we bought an icon speedcook last year, and for the most part, we're very satisfied. oddly, the instruction manual is very confusing, and lacks intructions to do simple things, like bake potatos. you have to scroll thru the 'basic recipe' button to casseroles, and then scroll again to find 'real baked potatoes'. once you know how, its fine, but trying to find info in the manual or online is impossible. if not for garden web, we would be totally lost with some of its features

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