Question re tub for awkward space for bathroom redo

loves2readJune 20, 2014

We bought 70s era house in FL couple of years ago which was for sale "as-is" was a relo sale and there was no negotiating regarding any "flaws" that came up in inspection review...the house is next door to our daughter and for the most part was in good shape with some expensive remodeling/updates.
One thing not touched was the master bath...we knew the shower tile was not in great shape but it seemed to be holding its own...until yesterday...

The new cleaner we had was trying to stick the shower mat to the wall by the suction cups and caused tiles on the wall to come loose...some cracked and fell off...we covered with plastic and duct tape for now.
We are looking at redoing the original (small) shower stall at the minimum (like a 3x3 space)
and maybe if we can agree on what we want to do going with a master bath update...

The issue about total redo vs just shower is really that I want to take out the large tub and make a large shower stall and my husband wants to keep a tub in the fairly narrow space where there is a large acrylic-type/faux marble soaker tub set at an angle so they could put in full-size tub when house was built.

Neither of us is a tub person...I haven't had a bath in probably 12 years that I can remember...he just doesn't want to give up the tub because he thinks doing so will downgrade the bath for resale in future...I know that isn't always the case now but I won't be able to convince him of that...
it is main reason we kept tub in house we remodeled and sold two years ago and didn't enlarge the shower as much as I would have liked...

there is tradition tub/shower combo in the other/guest bath--which is also original but think in better house would have a tub...
We wouldn't redo guest bath at this time anyway since it is rarely used compared to master...and need to have bath to use during remodel...

The photo shows how the current tub is slanted and angles into the floorspace--it is a NARROW room...I don't think a normal tub will fit if it is set straight from wall to husband measured and think width of room is less than 6feet...the opening uses a pocket door so there is no swing to worry about...
You come into that part of the bath by walking past counter with two sinks and our closet across from the sinks' counter...

there is small linen closet/bifold door to the left of opening w/small shower built into the corner between closet and corner...there is window in shower which might have caused some of the intrusion problem because the shower was not redone when window was replaced several years ago by previous owners...
Toilet is open to room and about in middle of that wall...then tub...
We know that moving plumbing drains will be very expensive--this is a slab foundation house--and don't want to do that...

I know that a soaking tub that is more upright and deep vs wide might be an option but we are both seniors--climbing in and out of tub like that wouldn't really be desirable for either of us and don't know how it would work for resale either...

Does anyone have suggestions for smaller tubs or photos of Japanese type tubs-- a style like that doesn't really fit with the "look" I would use either from what I have seen of them...but might be best option.

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I think you might do better with a nice sized shower rather than trying to squeeze in a small tub and a small shower.

Most manufacturers have stopped making high quality small tubs (especially short tubs) because they sold them only in small volume. I put a small tub in my basement bathroom and between the time I designed the bathroom and was ready to order, American Standard discontinued the one I spec'd , and Kohler dropped all of their short or unusually shaped tubs within the past couple of years (they still make the 54" Seaforth). I ended up using a Bootz steel tub that cost something like $165 and is essentially made to put in a trailer. It's not something I would put in a master bath.

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Could you post more pics of the bathroom and also a floor plan as it is now?

That is quite the tub!

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I agree with pal that you would be better served with a larger shower and no tub, since you aren't "tub people" (me neither)

Maybe try selling your DH on a big shower with ADA features that could be useful to you, but also big selling points too. Things like curbless (or minimal) threshold, grab bars, regular and handheld showerheads and room for a bench or shower chair are becoming increasingly popular.

DH and I are in our 40s, and we are removing the giant eyesore tub we never use and adding some ADA features to a walk in shower as a result of an injury to DH playing ball.

Maybe a realtor friend can help convince DH!

Here is a link that might be useful: one link with ADA info

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Thanks for the info on the tub--
we remodeled master bath about 4-5 yrs ago in home we owned but rented to our son--we neeed to find a smaller tub for space that the acrylic soaker was in--
ordered it at Ferguson's and think it was AS--was a fiberglass tub--not my favorite but wasn't that expensive and fit the space...

Maybe if my husband sees there are no nice small tubs he will agree to the shower upgrade

We are familiar with aging in place stuff--house we bought in TX has roll in showers in both downstairs bathrooms and some other features...
but thanks for the link
This shows the entrance into part of bath with tub and shower
the area just to left of pocket door is linen closet--then the small shower--the toilet is on that exterior wall--

I think there might be room to extend the side of the shower closest to toilet a foot or so which can make a difference in such small space...but it would make toilet sort of lopsided on the wall spacing...

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Kohler still makes the 48" Greek tub. I have one and love it.

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Kohler still makes the 48" Greek tub. I have one and love it.

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You are right, they do. And if you don't have to worry about flanging it for an alcove /shower situation (like the OP), it could be a good option). I tend to miss this in searches because I prefer cast iron (another material that is going by the wayside).

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Sophie Wheeler

You can not expand the tub area into the toilet space. There are code required minimums that exist for spacing and yours looks to be near that minimum.

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