Questions about Blue Star griddle and charbroiler

acertainJune 4, 2012

I'm planning on getting a Blue Star range in some burner configuration, and I would love some input from those who have used the various options. In particular, I have two questions:

First, I'm wondering how much the griddle can replace a pan over a powerful burner. If I were convinced that I could use the griddle instead of my trusted cast-iron pan to sear steaks, chicken breasts, hamburgers, etc, I would probably go for it, as we do a lot of pancake cooking in my house and I would love to quit hauling out the electric griddle. However, since the whole griddle is only 15,000 BTUs across two burners of cooktop area, I'm skeptical that it can really replace a pan for high-heat cooking. If it can't I'd probably prefer to stick with the burners for flexibility.

Second, I'm wondering about the charbroiler and whether it can a) get really hot (again, only 15,000 BTUs across two burners of cooktop area) and b) take a griddle pan across the top of it. If the answer to either one is "yes," then it's a whole lot more attractive.

Thanks for your perspective.


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I am looking at a BS as well, and my wife and I are also torn on the idea of a griddle for our 36" range top model we are looking at.

I have posted on here, recently about that, so I won't go in to that to much, but I have seen this video about a test done on a CC range with a grill and putting a griddle on it. I don't know the specs on the CC but I don't think that the built in grills are to far apart, so here is the link:

Youtube Video

Good luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: Youtube Link

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Andrew: I have a 48" with a grill and griddle for about 4 yrs now.

In my opinion the trusty cast over a high power 22k burner will give you better results than the griddle for the reasons you already suspect. The only advantage I see to the griddle is it is very thick so it retains heat well. I find the griddle is great for things like pancakes and bacon etc but not as good as a cast iron pan on high heat for searing etc. I most likely would not order the griddle if doing it over.

The grill is another story. I love my grill! I use it all the time, even in summer. I love in the middle of a cold canadian winter I can have a delicious bbq steak without any concern at all. Sure you could use the broiler or a cast iron "grill" but nothing will give the same flavour as those juices hitting the hot flavor bars and infusing your food with all of those carcinogens. ;)

Although I havnt tried, I don't think what you are inquiring about would work as well either. As you mention, 15k spread over a relatively large area. If I was to do this I would probably take the flavor bars (heat diffusers) off so that the flames will come into contact with the bottom of your portable griddle.

If I was doing it over I would get a 24 grill and a portable griddle that will span two burners.

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Wish I could comment on our cooktop charbroiler. We placed our original order in January and it's still not here!! Some question whether the dealer put the order in before mid-February, but this is getting annoying. BS just told him the delay is because they stopped buying grates from CHina (like that), and Vermont Castings has been overwhelmed. Some type of rebate would be nice, but I doubt it.

Sooo, my only real advice would be to allow a very long lead time when ordering:-(

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Possible downside to "put a griddle on top of the grill idea..."

The built-in grill has cast iron grates. I'm sure those grates get very hot when there is a griddle on top of them, getting the griddle up to temperature. And residue, seasoning on those grates will probably burn and create smoke. So you will not only have to deal with any smoke coming from the griddle cooking but also from the grill unit below. Just a thought.

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Thanks everybody for all the info. The point about the residue burning is a good one. The comment about the lead time is depressing; I'm not sure we can wait that long!


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Kay161: did you hear this from bs? Or is it from the dealer? I smell something funny.

Andrew: kays situation is the only one I am aware of reporting the delay so I wouldn't let that depress you too much. I'm not sure the dealer is being 100% upfront. If it is in fact true about a significant back order then I would also request in writing before you put your money down that you want the rest of the range delivered within the usual time frame (6 weeks?) With or without the charbroilers grills.

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tyguy: I didn't get this directly from BS, but have heard of others experiencing delays. I'll try to follow up with BS and get back to this post.

Andrew: I agree, don't let the timeline put you off, if the BS is your choice. Just wanted to share our situation.

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Just spoke with BS and the large distributor our dealer uses. Neither could give me any information... I don't have the PO#... so I guess we'll just have to keep after the dealer. The person at BS said they're slightly behind schedule, but nothing like several months.

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Thanks for the follow-ups. One of the big dealers around here (Albert Lee in Seattle) said that a SS 36" with 6 burners and island trim is very easy to get, and 4 burners plus a grill would be 4-6 weeks. 4 burners plus griddle is somewhere in the middle.


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