Buying things on GW?

oakleyokOctober 5, 2010

Lynninnewmexico wrote in the topic about Christmas finds from Gargage sales, etc, saying she bought a Nut Cracker from GW.

Lynn, if you're reading this, how did you do it? Did you just meet someone who had this and offered to sell it to you?

Is there a hidden garage sale here I don't know about? :)

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GW - GoodWill???? - just a guess but that is what I have thought GW meant .....


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okyleyok, the is a auction site for Goodwill on line/ Go to They always have a very intersting listing of things to sell, divided by catgories, holidays, collitatables, kitchen, glass .ect/ Seems to me like their shipping is pretty high, so I have never personally bought anything there. I think Karen bids on stuff occasionally/ I love to shop at the Goodwill store. Last Friday night I found 4 Debbie Mumm "Saanta Gifts" salad plates for $2. It's a good thing that I live 30 miles away or I woulsd probably be there every day Janet

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Now I feel like an idiot! lol. Thanks. I've been to the site before but I don't like auctions. I'm always outbidded and I hate that.

Our GW store is awful. Mostly junky clothes is all.

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Oak, I love and ebay. And have learned how to win bids the last 45 seconds if I want something and price is ok with me. Shipping sometimes seems high, other times I know its very fair. I will say that the folks at the online goodwill stores can really pack great. I've gotten some very delicate, breakable things from them.

Our local Goodwills can get some neat stuff, and are kept pretty nice. Tho I think the ones in other parts of the country get some neater stuff most of the time.

I can see where you thought GW meant Garden Web. It takes awhile to pick up all the abbreviations here. And some have double meanings like DF...dear father or dear friend?
I usually just say my Dad as I know it can get confusing.

Some of the gals get such wonderful things at yard sales and estate sales. I keep wanting to try them but am so shy about going alone and have no one to go with here. :o(

hugs, Karen

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