looking for a more 'modern' forum for homes built with different

ilmbgMay 5, 2012

Most of you have probably already decided what type of home you will be building.

I want to look at alternative building- maybe shipping containers, pre-fab, but any sites I have found are either a couple years old, or are 'fallen' sites- meaning they are no longer in existance.

With todays interest in recycling, isn't there a greater choice of forums/companies/whatever to look at? I don't seem to find any- which maybe says we really are not interested due to the fall of housing- too many foreclosures to buy..why be interested in being innovative??

If anyone has knowledge of shipping container housing that it currently active- or any other known active places to 'talk' to people, I would love to know! I don't want to do a boring stick-built house again...

Thanks, all.

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I don't know of any forums - perhaps Dwell magazine or website might have helpful information.

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I find plenty of these kinds of sites by searching the key words on Google.

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I think what you are seeing is that those were fads in green building. Prefab is always more expensive than stick built - if you want an efficient house, prefab isn't it - SIPs, ICF, or well designed stick built are all more efficient. Containers are metal boxes and need a lot of work to be habitable.

And how you build a house has nothing to do with if a house is boring - that is about design primarily.

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Reno8- yes i have googled and found lots of sites as i explained.most are old non working.
Kayak...i want to find a forum. I am not a designer.
Archie.. I love!! Dwell! That is where i find most things/styles i like. But want to finf site where i can talk to people about what they did/didnt do.. Dont want to just read...
I agree that alot of 'green' sites are horribly expensive. That is major reason why i want forum.

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A shipping container seems like it would be a bit extreme, but I have seen homes built from tires, bottles, etc. The nice thing is...it still looks like a 'real' home, when it's done! Dennis Weaver (I believe) had a beautiful home, built from tires, covered in stucco and it was quite charming. Just my opinion, but the green homes that bring innovation and good style together...are the ones that will last and become popular with a larger consumer base :)

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I saw a shipping container home(I guess you would call it a home) on that reality show "Doomsday Preppers" on the Learning Channel or maybe the Discovery Channel. That one didn't look all that "efficient" to me but I don't think that was what they were trying to achieve! LOL!

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Maybe you should start one?

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Have you tried the green forum?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to green forum

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why? never build a home that has little to no resale value.

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A few of the responses seem a bit hostile or negative to me.

I am of the same mind as the OP and have always strived to investigate different and new ways to use materials and technologies in my building projects. We used SIPS and a concrete floor when people told us we were wasting our money. I think this website is sorely lacking in a place to discuss alternative building methods and energy efficient options for home building.

It is one of those areas where you need to discuss, read and digest all the info so you can make the best informed decision that works for you. I could actually point you to some wonderful container homes that easily have resale value but this is not really a forum geared towards those who revel in the different.

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"This is not really a forum geared towards those who revel in the different."

That's where you are wrong. This isn't a forum that revels in the different for difference's sake. However, the unique and innovative will always be celebrated, if it is cost effective (and sometimes even not) and if it utilizes the principals of good design. Too often though, "alternative building methods" are neither cost efficient or well designed. They are too often the flip side of the coin of an architect who designs some pie in the sky gorgeous design exercise of a structure that is impractical to live in.

I've seen a shipping container "house". It was poorly insulated, noisy, and frankly hideous. It didn't have to be any of that, but the builder was so focused on "re-use" above all else that he forgot basic construction and design principals. And that, in a nutshell is most alternative construction. Too much of a religion and too little of science and the arts.

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You have actually proven my point. Instead of being interested in the projects and building techniques that are good and work you tell me that it is a religion not a science.

This forum is more main stream and there is nothing wrong with that, it is just not that conducive to actually discussing the pros as well as the cons of alternative methods. People are too quick to shut down what they are not use too.

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try googleing Joel Egan and HyBrid Architecture - they work with shipping containers in Seattle. That might lead you to some other forum or resource.

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