Opps! I Did It Again!!!

phonegirlOctober 7, 2012

Df is still in ICU but her surgery went well. Our neice and friend made it up to visit but are staying with DSis. My knee is better but not healed so jumped on CL to take it easy and this cabinet jumped out at me! It was still in the original box and had the original price tag on it. It is by Vaughan in VA. Showed DH, he was impressed and off we went to take a look.

This time I followed through a little better...I put some of my color glasses in it. There will be lots of tweaking in time I'm sure. I do have alot more glasses but I'm sure they won't all fit so for now it's filled with some glasses. This also means all my other china cabs need cleaned and rearranged.Sigh

Good thing I work or I'd play on CL every day to see what goodies are out there. If this keeps up I may never go shopping in a funiture store again!LOL We still have this Lazyboy couch and loveseat from DM that need to go to our cabin. I'm thinking we will probably move them to the shed for the winter. That projects only been 10 yrs on hold. Oh, la...de...da...


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Ohhh....that's beautiful, punk! Wow...love the cabinet but I love your collection of glassware even more! WOW! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! CList is good for you!!! TFS! Jeanne S.

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O M G, Punk, I can't get my eyes off the glass long enough to see the cabinet! wow. Just LOVE it. Exactly what I wish I had the space for. LOL!

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Opps...you DID Do It Again Punk!
Beautiful Cabinet find on Good Old CL..
I love the style and the wood.
The design of the 'all glass' cabinet doors is perfect to showcase your glassware collection. I can't believe you have more that can't fit !! lol
Shopping online can be dangerous...remember when I had my foot surgery? Lots of 'happy hrs' shopping to help the
time go by...hehehe
Take care of that knee and I'm glad to hear your DF's surgery went well.

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and I think it goes without saying that your new cabinet is absolutely PERFECT! No other cabinet could show-case your glassware collection like it does. It's AWESOME!!!

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I must Ditto what the others have said about your incredible collection of glasses. Just amazing, and displayed so beautifully now.
Of course I'm sure you know I'm sitting here drooling over that fabulous cabinet! And thinking of what I could put it in it. LOL. Its just gorgeous!!

Hope your DF is recovering from her surgery and will be out of ICU soon. And you take good care of that knee!

hugs, Karen

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Punk, I just had to get on here to tell you that the town where your Vaughn cabinet was made is about 45 minutes from where I live. Galax, Va and I live in NC about 20 miles from the Va line. Isn't it a small world. Vaughn has always had a very good name for making good furniture.. and over the years I have had many friends that have worked for Vaughn. It is perfect for your awesome collection of glasses. I am green with envy too. I sure hope you knee is feeling better. We are having a cold rainy day too and it is definately messing with my fibro.

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Marlene Kindred

Lawd have mercy....you have GOT some glasses Punk! No wonder you seem to have an endless collection to do tablescapes with. SO PRETTY! Love the new cabinet...the shape is great with the arched top....VERY pretty!

Hope your Dad will get better soon and I hope you will be feeling better too with your knee...I can definitely sympathize with that.

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Jeanne, isn't it amazing how many colored glasses I have? I knew I needed to get them together but oh my how'd they multiply so fast.

PM, I love all my cabinets but I know what you mean about having space for them. However, when it's time to clean all of them I think I must be out of my mind!!!LOL This was hard to photograph w/o glare.

Jane, I like the style and wood on this one too. I have so many that one of them should always be in style.LOL I've never been one who liked to shop online much but I remember you telling about your shopping!!!

Are things still moving forward on selling your home? I think you are more particular than most but that should be a plus on selling it sooner.

Karen, are you sure with all of your cabs you don't have a matching one?LOL Do you have any of these cabs you fill from the sides? Oh yeah, this one has plate rails and I filled it with glasses. Just knowing this I may redo at a later date and play with dish sets.

Janet, thanks for the info on the Vaughan Co. and yes it is a small world. It's so sad that you and Karen have to deal w/fibro pain. Thanks, I think I just need to keep a brace on my knee a little longer and all will be fine for me.

Marlene, I'm pretty sure that arched top was the final turning point for me to bring it on home.haha How have you been feeling lately? Also any new projects your working on?

Thanks everyone for looking and commenting. You are all so fun. I will have to do a count on my glass sets when I get the others back in and report back. After stating I'm not trying to catch up to Karen on all her cabs I'm afraid to say much more.LOL


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Beautiful cabinet, Punk, and your collection of colored glasses is fabulous! Great to have them all in one place!

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How wonderful to be able to have most of your colored glasses all in one place and easy to get to when you need them! Very nice cabinet, what a good find. Luvs

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Well , you know I'm laughing Punk. :)
You're on quite a roll with CL. This find is absolutly fabulous but even more stunning once you got it filled (and what a chore that must have been).
You have amassed a VERY nice collection.

Keep resting your knee, those things aren't something to pick a fight with because they usually win :(.
Besides, Christmas is coming and you need 2 good legs to work with *wink wink* [yes, I had to bring that up...lol]

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LOL, Punk, I will not surprised to see you catch up with..or pass..me someday with china cabinets and curios. We are both obsessed obviously. Its so fun you have one of my corner curios, Candy has a couple of my slim curios, and I think its Jeanne who has the curved glass front one on legs like mine.
Meanwhile, I am going to lust after this new one of yours and dream about finding one here. ;o) I just need to get rid of that useless furniture I have...you know, couches and chairs and such.

hugs, Karen

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