FP dishdrawer problem

jgoppJune 19, 2012

Okay so lately I've noticed that when I run a load of dishes in my FP dishdrawer... I'll empty it right after the cycle is over and the drawer is still warm... I find the detergent bin will not open without me using a knife or something to pry it open with. I have no problem opening it when the drawer is cool.

I am wondering if their are other owners with this problem. I was thinking about maybe shaving down a bit off the top of the bin to maybe aide it in opening.

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There's nothing heat-related on the design and function of the detergent dispenser. It's spring-loaded to open unless the latch (which also has a spring) is holding it closed. There is a mechanical diverter mechanism that routes the incoming fill flow to flush through the prewash cup or the main wash cup but the mechanism is outside the dispenser area so does not contact the cups or present a potential obstruction.

The bin will open further down by gently squeezing the sides of the cups. You could check if anything seems broken up in there or possibly related to the issue you're having, but that seems unlikely.

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Just curious - why do you want to open the detergent bin after the load has finished and the unit is still warm?? Doing another load? If so, how long does it take for the unit to cool off enough for it to open without resorting to the knife?

Have to say, I've never had this problem with mine, but then, I've never tried to open the bin unless I was ready to run a new load!

Just curious....

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Fori is not pleased

Never had a problem. Maybe you got a gummy batch of detergent?

Do you use two drawers? If so do you use them evenly and they're both doing it?

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I have had mine 8 months with zero issues ....Are you using the proper detergent ...Also once a month , I run a a load of
Glisten Cleaner http://www.amazon.com/Harold-Import-Company-Inc-9012/dp/B000GLRF2E this product will keep you DD sparkling inside and cleans any soap scum build up ....

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burnt: I am usually running it one load after the other which means the drawer is still fairly warm. It probably goes back to normal within an hour or so.

fori: yeah I use both drawers, they both have this problem.

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jgpopp, does pouring cold water over it make it easy to open?

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I have not tried that, but I will next time and see.

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Fori is not pleased

And while you're at it, try running without detergent and see if it's still sticky.

(No, really. I'm not just assigning busy work!)

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