Is a Fan/light combo enough?

acdesignskyJune 5, 2013

I want to replace the lighting in our 3.5x7' powder room. Right now, we have a 3 light fixture over the mirror. I want to remove it and replace the existing fan with a fan/ light combination. Would that be enough light? This is the only guest bath on the main floor.

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I find the light from these as the only source really glaring, and it puts the light behind you when you are looking in the mirror. I would not recommend it.

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I didn't buy them intending on them being the only light source, so there may be models adequate for this out there, but neither bath fan I have provides enough light to be the only light source. Not even the powder room. The vanity lights are decent, but I like the filler light the fan adds when they are on together.

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A fan/light combo will NOT provide enough light if it is the only light source in the bathroom.

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We have this question too. Our electrician suggested a recessed can fan light. He said it should provide ample light. We shall see!

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we have a couple of recessed can light fans and they provide a nice amount of light, but it won't light up the mirror like the above the mirror light did... plenty of light to see, but probably not enough to closely inspect yourself in the mirror unless it is directly over the sink...

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Thank you for the replies. The fan/light would be the only light. Since we have 10ft ceilings, no window, and a very dark paint color, it seems it will not provide the light we need. I am having a hard time finding over the mirror lighting I like and it is not in the budget to hire an electrician to move the box. Back to the drawing board!

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My experience (though limited) is not to chinch on lighting. Walking into a dark (or darker) bathroom is not near as pleasant as a very well lit bathroom. Err on the side of too much, IMO.
That said, I totally agree with you about the choices out there for lighting. I'm hoping that the choice is so limited because the industry is kind of going through a transition to LED and maybe they haven't had a chance to do all the new designs needed.
I've got one that I don't care for that much, it is a pendant light but I also have in my mind that I don't think it will be that expensive to redo when that day comes that I see exactly what I like (for the right price) so it is a placehoder for now - I don't hate it but I don't love it either. (Lighting can be VERY expensive - I am amazed at the range.)
But I've got the "bones" setup the way I want and that is the most important thing. Sometimes we have to settle and have a little patience.
Good luck.

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