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jerry_njJanuary 11, 2014

For the first time on my Windows 8 machine I have a need to Unzip a file - the file came as a WinRAR file and I am told that all I have to do to read is "unzip".

I can not find Winzip on W8, perhaps Microsoft decided they prefer we buy or find free rather than include (like missing games W9 wants us to buy not get as part of the OS).

Okay, I downloaded WinZip and operated on the RAR file. This produced three files: one picture and two text. When I click on the Pic file I get pictures..so far so good. But the text files which are designated ".doc" and I can not open them Now this may be because I don't have MS Office on this machine, rather I have OpenOffice which can handle ".doc" just fine.

1) Is "RAR" just the latest name for ZIP just treat it as such
2) Could W8 (using browser Firefox) reject the ".doc" because it defaults to Office - without the dialog to pick an application?
3) I welcome a pointer to a location with information, I didn't find anything here that looked promising.

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As stated on the link below, RAR is the native format of WinRAR archiver.

For .zip files on W8, right click on the target file. On the appearing menu will be a 7 .zip entry with an expanding tree.

How are you trying to open the .doc files with OO? Clicking directly on the file? Opening OO, and then opening the file through the application?


Here is a link that might be useful: WinRar

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Thanks I thought MS had decided to sotp include "zip" tool.

I left clicked on the RAR file and it opened as hidden files the identified pic and two doc files. I double clicked on the files, and as said the pics opened but the doc didn't. I say the files are hidden because it appears the RAR file was unzipped and the first time I left clicked on it and the three files were created, but their location is unknown to me. One of my additional ignorance items is I don't know how to find the path to a file when I find it with W9 Search (RH margin tool collection).

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but their location is unknown to me.

Right click the file and choose properties, look down for location.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I believe what happened is that you opened the archive(.rar) and simply got a peek inside the archive. Double-clicking the pic caused it to be extracted to a "temp" directory where it was subsequently opened by your image viewer. It wasn't really hidden, just not "really" extracted.

To extract the contents of the entire archive, you can right-click the unopened archive and select "Extract here". Or if you just need a file or two out of the archive, you can open the archive, select the desired file, and extract it. Myself, I would do that by dragging the file out onto my desktop.

I'm going by memory, which may not be accurate. Also, I'm thinking of how I would do it with WinRAR. If you're using 7-zip or something built into Win8, then I don't really know. I suspect it would work similarly?

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I have always used the free version of WinRAR to open rar files and never had trouble. I always wondered if I could use something else but never tried. Mary

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