Unbelievable inefficiency

cbusmomof3May 14, 2012

Just have to vent....

Appliances were supposed to be installed today and when they went to install the range top, the cut-out was 1/2" too wide. They have already replaced my entire island with a brand new slab because they cut it 9" too short and my master bath counter because they didn't center the sinks right. Measure twice, cut once, right? Apparently their template guy is either a. unable to read a ruler b. smoking marijuana or c. just eyeballing everything... So incredibly frustrating!!!!

So, in this situation, is there a remedy that doesn't involve a whole new counter or does it need to be replaced?


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"when they went to install the range top, the cut-out was 1/2" too wide."

There is less than 1/4 inch of overhang on each side of the range top?

Many are well over one inch.

The hole is the minimum needed to clear.

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Brickeyee, it sounds like you think OP doesn't have a problem. I think what OP is saying is that the hole was cut TOO BIG for the range top.

A range top has a lip that overlaps the edges of the hole that is cut in the granite. The body of the cooktop sits down inside the hole but the edges of the cooktop extend out beyond the edges of the hole. The hole is actually cut somewhat smaller than the apparent size of the cooktop. The hole should be anywhere from 1/2 inch to 2 inches smaller than the apparent size of the cooktop.

If they cut the hole too big - which is what OP says they did - the cooktop won't completely cover the hole and, even it it will stay in place without falling thru, there would be a 1/4 inch gap showing at the sides of the cooktop. No way I would accept that.

I agree with OP that this kind of mistake is just downright stupid since new cooktops all come with a template that you can just tape on top of the counter and then cut thru the template to get a perfectly sized hole.

I personally don't know of anything OP can do EXCEPT replace the countertop and start over again. Cost of the counter should come out of builder's hide... and that template guy should be in the unemployment line.

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The OP's statement could do with more dis-ambiguity. If the cutout is simply 1/2" more than _recommended_, and if the cooktop in fact had 1" of leeway on each side, then Brick's suggestion is valid and worth considering. Nowhere does the OP state that the hole is 1/2" bigger than the unit, which would of course be insurmountable.
everybody chill the eff out!

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Let me clarify...the range top is a 36" KitchenAid 6 burner unit. The spec sheet clearly says that the cut-out should be 35.25"wide. They cut a hole that is 35.75" wide, therefore the range top falls down into the hole because there is not an inch of leeway on each side.

The point is now moot, because the granite installers came out, saw how wrong it was, referred to their spec sheet that clearly says 35.25", and removed it. It is being replaced.

Again, I just have to scratch my head because this is the third countertop of mine that they have had to replace...and I didn't go with the standard level 1 granite so I cannot imagine what their final margin is on our project! According to my GC, this is the best granite fabricator in our area. Really???

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cbusmomof3 - so sorry this is happening! I am just glad they have comparable slabs. I got the last 2 slabs of my marble and they would have been out of luck if that had happened.

Thankfully they are taking responsibility!

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Cbus mom- you're making me nervous!!! ;-) glad they're fixing for you with no fuss, but what a ridiculous amount of waste. Hopefully someone will find your granite in the remnants section and get a good deal on it!

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Thanks athensmom and Mom23Es-The granite company has been the only really bad sub so far. Although, the electricians had some really moronic moments too. But, I will say our builder has been outstanding when it comes to fixing problems. There's never been any hassle, at least that we see. I'm sure there's been a lot of finger pointing and I'm not sure who ultimately pays for it, but I know it's not us!

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Glad you got it fixed without a hassle. Sounds to me like maybe your builder is right and this really is the BEST granite fabricator in your area... and they just have an incompetent (possibly new) employee.

Truth to tell, after all my experiences with various construction trades, I am now MUCH more likely to hire one after hearing a recommendation that says something like "well, they screwed up X, but then they owned up to their mistake and fixed the problem with no hassles at no additional cost to me" than I am to hire a company where all the recommendations basically say "everything went perfectly." The first recommendation tells me that the company has integrity. The second just tells me that the company only gave me references where the job went well... and even the most incompetent companies can occasionally do a job right.

Mistakes happen in construction. IMHO, a company with the integrity to own up to its mistakes and fix them without a hassle IS the BEST you can get!

Obviously tho, unless the company hires employees that are reasonably competent, the company won't be able to stay in business very long. So, for the sake of everybody else living in your area who will someday need granite installed, let's just hope that the template guy who did such crummy work on your granite either learns his lessons (or is fired) before he puts his company out of business!

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bevangel-Great points!

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